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A. A. Security achieves CHAS Premium Plus status


A. A. Security Ltd has recently put itself through the most stringent of H&S accreditations and now proudly holds CHAS Premimum status.  This certification is widely regarded as one of the most difficult health and safety accreditations to achieve and is a preferred selection too for suppiers by a large body of building contractors.

Our Director Juliet Chowdhry, said:

"Achieving this accreditation is a strong signal that we as a company are focused on safety.

"We understand the importance of mainataining work practices that protect our employees and clients and creates a mutually beneficial atmosphere of work for all stakeholders.

"It was a difficult assessment process to go through. but we succeeded first time of asking and hope now to broaden our clients especially within the construcion sector."

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £11.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender monthCall out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings £45 per half hour visit Daytime£55 per half hour visit in responseto panic alarmHourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over theinitial ½ visit during evenings£20 per hour for anytime over theinitial ½ visit during anytime
Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week


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Hackney community benefits from new security team


A. A. Security have won a contract to protect Opensource CIC head office at Gillett Square Hackney.

Gillett Square is a community. Home to independent businesses, coffee drinkers, thinkers, skateboarders, jazz clubs, artists, time travellers, live music and performances, award winning architecture, a radio station, record shops, dreamers, fashion designers, music studios and international delicacies.

This platform recognises the importance of public space and its invaluable role in community life.

Open Source CIC, in partnership with the Vortex Jazz Club, has the license for events on Gillett Square. The Gillett Square programme is managed by a Coordination and Planning group consisting of the London Borough of Hackney, Dalston Studios, Open Source CIC, Hackney Cooperative Developments CIC and the Vortex Jazz Club / Foundation.

Our role protecting their premises requires a security officer patrolling a multi-use building with a large number of permitted users.  Responsibilities include preventing trespassers, internal and external patrols and deterring theft and vandalism.


Because on the need for interactions with a large number of people our officer have received enhanced customer service and meet and greet training. 

We always  look forward to building our clientelle further and are adept at adjusting to the needs of our varied site locations and stakeholders.

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £11.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender monthCall out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings £45 per half hour visit Daytime£55 per half hour visit in responseto panic alarmHourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over theinitial ½ visit during evenings£20 per hour for anytime over theinitial ½ visit during anytime
Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week

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Unlike the cricket rain does not stop our work

For the last two years A.A. Secrity has been providing uniformed secrity personnel to the East Ilford Betterment Partnership in order to protect their monthly Redbridge Community Fayre which is held for one week each month.


A spokesperson for the event, Ryan Duggan, said: 

"The event has become very popular and thousands attend our commercial and community stalls hoping to buy a special treat or necessity, to learn more about local services that can improve their qality of life or simply to have fun at our various workshops." 

The June event was held from 10th - 16th August and the first five days and night were rain-soaked but that did not put off our dilligent and proactive staff.  Officers could be seen every evening wearing our liveried uniforms and PPE and ensured that the event was a huge success.

During their patrols they foiled many potential felons and ensured that the valuable stock for all our clients was safe from theft and damage and that stallholders were able to relax every evening safe in the knowledge that their goods were being protected.

Mr Duggan was pleased with our performance, he said:

"Events like these are high risk when it comes to theft. 

"It is hard to protect a vulnerable gazebo or stall even when tied down securely of an evening.  

"Hardworking stallholders cannot afford to breakdown their stalls and reconstruct them the following day so they need a reliable security provider to ensure their business operation becomes less onerous.

"The service provided by A.A. Security was extremely good and we would recommend them to anyone."

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £11.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender monthCall out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings £45 per half hour visit Daytime£55 per half hour visit in responseto panic alarmHourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over the


initial ½ visit during evenings

£20 per hour for anytime over the

initial ½ visit during anytime

Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week


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Allah-hu-akhbar chant illegally played during Christian event set off terrorist panic but is being ignored by Redbridge Council

While Christians celebrated the birth of Christ in Ilford Town Centre on Saturday 16th December 2017, after having applied for permission with Redbridge Facilities Management, a local Islamic group caused a panic by playing the Azan (a Muslim chant used for call of prayer), that triggered fears of an impending terrorist attack.

The peaceful family event which was held in Ilford Town centre on Saturday was organised by 9 local churches in collaboration, and was both well attended and appreciated by local residents (click here). However at around 2pm during a prayer that was being said on the stage, a guttural Muslim chant was heard causing alarm to the many Christians and non-Christians attending the event.

It was soon established that a local Muslim group had decided to hold a religious stall in the town centre at the same time as the Redbridge Christian festival, if not in spite of it.

Please sign our petition (click here)

When approached by the British Pakistani Christian Association, who organised the Christian event the Islamic group refused to stop the chant being played. However, the provocative use of amplified Muslim chanting offended other local people many who were non-Christian and included local Muslims. Despite a clear indication that their use of an unauthorised PA was causing offence the Muslim group continued their use of the equipment.

When asked if they had sought permission for their event through the council the Islamic group originally said yes. They then later asked Mr Wilson Chowdhry, the event manage for the Christian event, if he was from the council. After Mr Chowdhry explained that he was not a Council officer but had applied for permission to use a PA system in the town centre the Islamic group ignored any further conversation

Due to the natural affront and the nature of exhibited fears by members of the public Wilson Chowdhry, a Director of A.A. Security Ltd, called the local police, who talked with the individuals involved with the Islamic stall. They allowed the men to continue with the stall but stopped the fractious amplified Muslim chanting which they deemed to be in poor taste.


It would seem bizarre but not impossible that the council gave permission to the Islamic group to hold their stall and amplified Muslim prayers at the same time as the local Churches Christmas event. So on Monday 18th December Wilson Chowdhry sought clarification from the Head of Licensing for Redbridge Council Mr Ed Chaplin.

Mr Chaplin has quite categorically confirmed the local Islamic group had not sought any permissions and that the unauthorised use of a PA System by them will be discussed at an enforcement action, tasking team next week . He wrote in an email:

"The 'stall' and group depicted in your photograph below are not given consent from the council to undertake this activity. Consents from the Council are either for a commercial event such as those run by Amber Markets, or for the use of the 'Community Pitch' for charitable, educational or similar purposes. Political, religious, or other groups/persons wishing to deliver a (democratic) message, sometimes set up in the Town Centre without any such consent. There is a risk of being moved on by Police, or contravening the Highways Act for obstructing the highway, where there is no consent or licence issued by the Council.

"Any group is free to apply for and be granted consent to use the town centre facilities. Allocation of consents is on a first-come, first served basis and consents will not be given when the infrastructure is at capacity. This is to ensure public safety. As advised in point 1) above, any party may set up an activity, but there is a risk that police will ask them to 'move on' or prosecute for highway obstruction. If a group contravenes legislation (such as the use of loudspeakers) this may be dealt with by the respective authorities."

As we discussed, I am forwarding the issues you have raised for discussion and any necessary enforcement action to the Council's weekly Tasking meeting which will take place tomorrow."

Mr Chowdhry was left confused and disturbed by the Council's response. he felt serious safety issues were still being ignored by Redbridge Council and potentially many other councils across the country. Speaking to a local Pastor he discovered that Churches were applying for permission meaning that they had to plan their public events weeks in advance.  It would seem only Muslim groups turn up unannounced meaning hate preachers could target communities with consummate ease.  Worse still the lack of applications meant that groups that do subvert the law and use such stalls for recruiting are relatively untraceable especially those that choose to practice without an labels for their groups.  It's a dangerous scenario to ignore.

Recently on the front page of the Ilford Recorder a Police whistleblower told Redbridge Council to take anti-terror warnings more seriously, yet they seem to be heeding none of the warnings (click here).

Wilson Chowdhry, explained why he felt warnings were being ignored, he said:

"Firstly I am shocked that BPCA were not informed that we would be sharing the town centre with a Muslim group during a Christian event even though this could be deemed a security risk or at least a potential risk to be assessed. Moreover, the Muslim group who used their PA system in Ilford Town Centre have been observed previously using the equipment without permission. Strangely enough whilst our Christian event was going on a licensing officer was in the town centre and did not think it was a problem that two PA's were on at the same time.

"Such negligence was always going to cause some conflict and an immediate review of Redbridge Council's policy for use of the town centre is paramount. 

"Ilford is a town with known terrorists links, all three of the assassins involved in the London Bridge Terror attack were seen meeting at Ummah Gym on Ilford Lane that was known to be training jihadists. I myself and other local people reported this over two years ago (click here) .

"This is also the 'wonderful borough' were Anjem Choudary one of this countries most evil and vile hate preachers resided, he is currently serving a term in jail for inciting hatred.

"With the fear that non-Muslim event organisers already feel in these times of heightened social polarity it does not make any sense for Redbridge Council to allow a Muslim group to hold a stall in Ilford town centre parallel to a Christian event - worse still it's completely daft to allow amplified chanting of Allah-hu-akhbar a phrase that terrifies many non-Muslims. It flies in the face of common-sense and is a painful reminder of the political correctness that is marginalising non-Muslims in the UK.

"Are the council and local police not aware that more often then not Muslim communities state they do not know the extremists in their midst? Even family members of proven Islamists have indicated they are surprised and cannot believe that their accused family member held such radical views. One example is the family of Salman Abedi the Islamist involved in the Manchester bombing - his family thought he was 'normal'(click here).

So how is it possible for the Mosques or Islamic groups in Redbridge to know for certain a man involved on their stall is not a terrorist. With this in mind is it not dangerous to permit cross-purpose amplified religious events on the same day in our town centre? Does this not simply create trigger points for further extremist attacks?

ISIS and the Taliban have called for their followers to target Christmas Markets across the UK (click here).

A day after the response from the Council news of a thwarted attack made the organisers of the Christian event realise just how real this extremist threat is (click here). Especially as whilst the Christian concert was on one of London's largest Christmas Markets was taking place at the same time. The use of the PA system to amplify the words Allah-hu-Akbar may well have been a ploy to frighten residents of Ilford especially during a Christian concert and the impact of this fear mongering should not be ignored.

Mr Chowdhry, added:

"I know of no Christian group that would hold a Christian stall at the local Eid in the park event, it makes no sense and is quite disrespectful. I have attended the event with Muslim friends just to share their joy it was rewarding for me. I have also enjoyed the company of Muslim friends at all the BPCA Christian events including Redbridge Easter Parade that actually had Muslim volunteers.

"However, the attack on Finsbury Park mosque and the rise of groups like the EDL, Pegida, and Britain First reminds us that polarisation is increasing and we must be more sensible with the make-up of events planned within town centres across the UK. A situation that has obviously not yet registered with Redbridge Council or our local police yet."

Mr Chowdhry added:

Quillam Foundation a UK based Muslim NGO recently uncovered alarming statistics that suggest that 84% of people convicted in grooming gangs since 2005 were Asian. They say hundreds of Muslim youth are being radicalised on British soil every year. This is not a subject we can brush under the carpet.

"There is growing evidence that community cohesion in the north of England is at it's lowest ebb, with an attack on an innocent Pakistani Christian Tajamal Amar, who was beaten till unconscious for displaying poppies and a cross from his car (click here) .

"Recently Nikki Hurst (real name protected) was attacked by a gang of youths she believes to be Muslim, for being a white Kaffir (click here).

"Nissar Hussain a Christian man who converted from Islam was persecuted for 17 years in Bradford and was told by Bradford police that he had to flee the city to preserve his life -they could not protect him. He was given a four vehicle police entourage when he returned to collect a box from his home, a security precaution filmed by ITV Calendar (click here).

"I hope the same radicalisation does not enter our borough, however Redbridge Council and our local Police really do need to wake up to the frictions that exist in communities and the potential for that to erupt into something more devastating.

"I am very aware that not every Muslim is an extremist and in fact I held a peace concert in Ilford town centre, collaborating with people of all faith just after the Finsbury Park attack. The event was featured in most of our local media (click here) .

"However, that does not negate from the fact that in a town centre environment during a Christian concert a load shout of Allah-hu-Akhbar would cause obvious terror, especially when played during a quieter point during a Christian prayer at an event put on by churches.

When I approached the Muslim organisers they seemed not to have any time for us. They did not even favour us by looking at us but stared into space when talking to us as if we did not exist or were inconsequential. This suggests that the Muslim group considered us 'Kaffir' (Infidel) and believed we should be under the yoke of dhimmitude (Islamic subservience). Such hardline approaches to Islam, fills me with great dread for the future of the Borough I live in.

"A former Muslim who lost his faith because of a mosque that was preaching hatred has had to flee his home in Ilford previously, his story hit the headlines. If these men are teaching a similar aggressive form of Islam it could be very detrimental to the cohesion of our community. Anjem Choudary must have resided in this borough for a reason yet neither the police nor the council feel it is their responsibility to vett the religious groups out in our town centre.

I am sure the local Chistian groups and churches would not mind a vetting process being introduced for those wishing to participate in our town centre and would obligingly fulfil all requirements. For the safety of us all I think it is something that must be fashioned with haste. To expedite the process I will be raising the issue at a full council meeting to see what can be done to ensure groups operating in our town centre are bona fide and espouse a spirit of unity rather then hate.  I will also raise the Issue with the two local MP's as this issue may require new legislation.  I am not favouring the introduction of draconian laws that restrict our freedom of speech, but feel in these times where Islamic extremism is a quantifiable and qualifiable concern that we must be more vigilant in protecting vulnerable minds to the whims of predators like Anjem Choudary and other hate preachers.

I will also be writing to the SIA and seek additions to the training of security officers that provides improved guidance on the laws that restrict hate speech, that govern use of amplified sound in town centres and that relate to the maintenance of local peace, so that event security officers are more equipped to deal with concerns of this nature and are aware of the laws that can be implemented, towards the purpose of 

Mr Chowdhry explained why he called the police, he said:

"I felt the need to call the police as the chanting was causing upset amongst Christians who notified me of the concern whilst I was on stage. When I approached the Muslim group many non-Christians also asked for the Muslim group to desist with the amplified Islamic chants - they too were totally offended. To be honest when I first heard the sound I was filled with a moment of extreme terror and anxiety - it was a blood curdling moment.

"The incident caused a blemish on what otherwise was a wonderful public event that was attended well and was favoured by the local community."

On Sunday 17th December a bomb attack at a church in Quetta during a children's nativity play took the lives of at least 8 Christians and injured over 32 others, mainly women and children (click here). Mr Chowdhry believes this is evidence that the religious celebrations of Christians cause great offence to many increasingly radicalised Muslims. 

Please sign our petition (click here)

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Pakistani Christian Hero Security Officer saves drunken man from committing suicide off highway bridge

Haroon Yousaf on duty at Ardleigh Green

A security officer from an Ilford based company was involved in a remarkable life saving incident whilst on a patrol in Romford, when he prevented a drunken and depressed man from jumping off Ardleigh Bridge over the A127. He is being hailed as a super hero by management staff from the engineering company who are coordinating the bridge replacement project, for his quick thinking and calmness in a very difficult situation.

Haroon Yousaf who has been employed by A. A security for over 9 years is a committed and hard-working individual who rarely misses a shift when healthy. Although he has been suffering for some time with a painful cyst in his stomach region he bravely endures his work without complaint.

During the early hours of Saturday 25th November, whilst patrolling around the current Ardleigh Bridge, Haroon noticed a man with one leg planted on the bridge and another leg dangling from the other side of the bridge, it was clear to haroon the man was attempting to jump off the bridge.

Despite having never dealt with a potential suicide on his shift before, Haroon swiftly followed protocol for the site. He first contacted

the other security officer on site a Mr Ahmed and asked him to contact our control centre, whilst he kept the man committing suicide engaged.

Mr Ahmed than contacted A.A. Security control centre who asked Ahmed to immediately contact the police and to inform the senior operative for the engineering clients at the site, of the emergency.

In the meanwhile Haroon Yousaf, described how he kept the the man attempting suicide from jumping, he said:

"I tried to make the man think of positive things in his life, I asked him if he had any family and explained that his death would cause them great panic. I told him despite how he feels at the moment family and friends love him and need you in their lives so that together you strengthen one another.

"I also told him about how God had saved me from great depression after my mother passed away and it seemed to work he calmed down and started to listen to me."

"Something changed however and at one point he just started to shout expletives at me, but I ignored him. I told him it was fine to vent his frustration at me just as long as it helped him calm down."

When Mr Ahmed his security partner and several men arrived on the bridge behind Haroon he used gestures and his eyes to ask two of them to go to the other side.

Two employees from our clients crossed the road but not before they had placed cones on the road, preventing any traffic from getting to an area where a potential jump or fall from the man attempting suicide, might cause additional deaths or injuries.

Once the site foreman got o the other side he and Haroon exchanged looks, Haroon kept the attention of the man they were attempting to save by talking and looking at him, when the foreman ran to grab the man from around his waist from behind, Haroon followed up and grabbed the man from the front. Together the two man pulled him away from danger and held him to the ground until the police arrived.

Mr Ahmed returned to the site immediately and called the A. A. Security control centre as soon as the man was safe. He also immediately began to write up the Incident report, ensuring that it was kept for evidence purposes.

When an A.A. Security Services response team arrived on site they asked if Haroon wanted to remain on site or leave with full pay and Haroon decided to remain. His commitment to A.A. Security has been labelled as 'unrelenting and total' by Director Juliet Chowdhry.

Wilson Chowdhry, Director of A.A Security Ltd, said:

"The intelligence and foresight of Haroon Yousaf has to be complimented. Not only did his quick thinking save a drunken man from committing suicide that may well have simply been a momentary depressive state related to the drink, but his actions also saved many others who could have been involved in a very dangerous vehicle incident and consequential collisions.

"His recall of our company protocol and the investment we put into training him effectively helped guide his actions in what was a tremendously brave and well coordinated reaction to a new and very dangerous situation. It proves that inward investment can really yield professional dividend.

"The manner in which our security operatives and our client operatives teamed up to save so many people is simply a textbook delivery of life saving services."


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Together Stronger - Peace vigil builds stronger community preserving our security and safety

With less then 24 hours till an important peace vigil in Ilford A.A. Security Ltd were asked to produce a security and risk survey and then to protect the event.  


Ilford has been subjected to several police raids as part of the London Bridge terrorist attacks with several suspects arrested. Local religious and community groups organised this vigil in collaboration, to remember the innocent lives lost and condemn the brutal attacks. It is their hope that the solidarity shown will be a beacon of hope to all and a chance to restore peace and local morale.

A large leaflet drop of 5000 flyers promoting the event were distributed in areas where terror suspects were arrested in police raids following the terrible London Bridge attack.  Moreover the event was held only days after a retaliatory attack on Muslims who had completed prayers at a mosque in Finsbury park.

As part of the security plan A.A. Security ensured that police and other statutory services were notified of the gathering. This included redbridge licensing team and the CCTV central office.

 Not knowing what type of reception an event like this would have it was agreed that we would use our close protection services for the key religious figures involved in the event.  Four visible security officers were also involved in protecting the event by way of controlling access to the town hall steps and ensuring that visitors were mustered into areas that were agreed and provided reassurance to participants at the rear of the event and a community interface.

The event was held without any untoward incidents and has been hailed as a success by the Council and other bodies.

Now we at A. A. Security feel we can say we have contributed to the wider safety and security of the people of London and wider in the UK. 

Read more (click here)

We were just grateful to be a part of a campaign that means so much to all of us. More pictures at the end of this article...

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £9.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding




Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender month.  

Call out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings

£45 per half hour visit Daytime

£55 per half hour visit in responseto panic alarm

Hourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during evenings£20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during anytime

Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week




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A.A. Security honours martyr Police officer PC Keith Palmer at peace concert

On the 22nd April 2017, A.A. Security was privileged to be chosen to Event plan and protect a peace concert held before 10 Downing Street for slain national hero PC Keith Palmer.

Mr Palmer gave his life protecting Londoners during an attack in the capital on 22nd March 2017, that killed 6 people and injured over 80 more.

British Pakistani Christian Association collaborated with minority faith leaders from across the country to hold a 'London Against Extremism' rally in honour of PC Keith Palmer, one month after the terrible attack.  Invited guests included Imam Dr Taj Hargey, Nazi Holocaust Survivor Dr Martin Stern, Ranbir Singh of the Hindu Human Rights Group and Alan Craig Christian Campaigner to name but a few.  To make things difficult a procession to the Policeman's memorial at Pall Mall also had to be organised where a wreath of flowers was to be laid.

Due to the current risk state of 'severe threat' our Director Wilson Chowdhry had to meet with Senior Police Officers to devise a safety plan and emergency plan.  We held little hope that the plans would be approved as it is extremely rare that such events are approved in the wake of acts of terror such as the Westminster Attack.

By ensuring the plans were comprehensive and liaising with the Police at every juncture we gained approval for the event.

Hundreds joined the successful event which completed without incident.

Wilson Chowdhry, Managing Director of A.A. Security Ltd, said:

"Planning this event required a number of skills.  We had to risk profile visitors and risk assess the event ensuring that an emergency plan and Security Plan was in place and an exit strategy ready to be utilised should things go wrong.

"Due to the financial limitations of the lead group we had to ensure that all of the above could be produced without excessive costs for our clients. 

"The vent was successful and so I guess we did our job right.  Now we are ready to provide the same quality of service for other clients."

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £9.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender monthCall out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings £45 per half hour visit Daytime£55 per half hour visit in responseto panic alarmHourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over the


initial ½ visit during evenings

£20 per hour for anytime over the

initial ½ visit during anytime

Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week

- See more at: http://www.aasecurity.co.uk/blog#sthash.9fofb84y.dpuf



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Ilford Town Centre security beefed up during Easter Market

As Easter draws in many Borough's incorporate specialist markets to increase trade and commerce into their town centres. 

Markets bring in a variety of new products and particularly niche items that enhance local shopping experience.

One such market in the Redbridge Easter Market which ran from 10th April to 13th April 2017.  Their hours of operation are from 12:00 - 17:00 and included a bedding stall, mens and womens fashion stall, a variety of food stalls, face painting and much more. 

The organizers hope to introduce a regular one week market in future months.

Breaking down and reconstructing a market is a timely and effort-driven process and most stallholders fear their vulnerable physical constructs, provide little protection for the valuable products and equipment they store inside.    Moreover the marquees themselves are prone to vandalism.

This is were A.A. Security came in...

As a security provider with over 24 years experience and with our head office based only a few seconds from Ilford Town Centre, we were of course a first choice provider for security for the venue.

Our evening security officer patrolled the centre every 30 mins and reported several crimes that would usually go unreported, such as the applying of stickers on railing and streetlights by women who ply their trade at night.

We also received confirmation from our clients that our security efforts noticeably reduced crime in the town centre.

Joel Kyari, one of the organizers for the event said:

"A.A. Security were amazing.  Not one stallholder experienced any loss or damage.  Moreover local Police have informed us that they had the quietest evening streets in the town centre for the duration of our event.  

"Apparently having a visible security deterrent reduces crime fairly significantly.  Our choice of security provider and our quality of market traders has developed a high level of appreciation and we are confident that we will secure a license for a more permanent market.

"Great praise is deserved by A.A. Security for their sterling work that has enabled to fulfill our objectives."

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £9.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £15 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £100.00 per Calender monthCall out charge: £35 per half hour visit Evenings £45 per half hour visit Daytime


£55 per half hour visit in response

to panic alarm

Hourly Charge: £10 per hour for anytime over the

initial ½ visit during evenings

£20 per hour for anytime over the

initial ½ visit during anytime

Dog-handling £18 per hour
Locksmithing Rates Negotiable
Mobile patrol £20 per hour in London/£20 outside London
CB Radio hire £15 per week




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A. A. Security Ltd wins Redbridge Easter Parade contract

Redbridge Easter Parade returns after a one year absence and have again requested the services of A.A. Security Ltd to protect their event.  Our Officers will be involved in crowd control, stage management and procession management.

This is now our fourth Redbridge Easter Parade now touted as the largest public event in the Borough.

Please join us at the event on 17th April 2017 from 12:00 - 19:00.  The event is a free event for all the family.


Security for every occasion, location or situation

AA Security continually rises to meet the security demands of our clients in the ever-growing field of security. From single site keyholding contracts - through to integrated and monitored security solutions and installations at multiple sites or events - AA Security have the experience and expertise to help you maintain the highest levels of security.


Whether it's providing regular specialised security personnel - or installing and maintaining the very latest CCTV technology, you can rest assured that AA Security will give you the peace of mind that you would expect.

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Summers out but don't let your security slip

A.A. Security Ltd Officer at North Luffehman Barracks

As deceptive as the heat we are experiencing is, the fact remains most of us have returned form our summer holidays and are ready to get back into our employment and business related activities.

This is just a gentle reminder from A.A. Security that security is of paramount importance throughout the year not just when we are short staffed, or experiencing problems related to the school holidays.

No job is too small no task too difficult.

If you would like a quotation for security for your premises, why not give us a call.  We are available 24 hours and are ready to serve.

Call us on 020 8514 0861 or email wilson@aasecurity.co.uk for your free quote.

Our services include:

  • Uniformed Security Personnel (Static or Mobile)
  • CCTV Installation
  • Intruder Alarm Installation
  • Locksmithing
  • Close protection
  • Event Stewards 
  • Cleaning services and much more.

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British hooligans wreak havoc in local pubs!


Britain has a bad quite embarrassing history of football hooliganism.  Fortunately FIFA noticed that the hooliganism in France during the recent Euro 2016 campaign was triggered by Russian hooligans.  Besides their behaviour was captured by many media groups. 

However, this does not exempt us from the realization that such violence is a problem here in the UK too.

For years property owners have been scared to walk out of the door if their own home town team loses.  Fearful that over inebriated fans will take out their anger on the innocent homeowner.  

More than 100,000 English and Welsh fans travelled to the Champions League and Europa League matches outside of England and Wales.  British fans were amongst the worst behaved fans during these tournaments.  Moreover in pubs and other locations showing these football matches across the UK crime stats increased dramatically after a loss and sometimes during a win due to over exuberance.

AA Security can protect your properties in the UK.  Whether it is through a deterrent such as a CCTV installation,  Uniformed security officers around vacant or operational properties during a time of heightened excitement, or door supervisors in your pubs and clubs, we can provide the necessary expertise to reduce, report and respond to crimes of this nature.

England are about to embark into the knockout stages of the Euro 2016 finals.  The games will get harder and if history repeats itself we could be in for some disappointment soon.  Don't get caught unawares make sure you have the right security for your situation.

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Come on England!


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Printing services with your security in mind!

The partners at A.A. Security have initiated a new print and design company that can cater for all your creative needs.  Moreover our experience means that any purchases are met with the utmost confidentiality and security in regards to your intellectual rights.  Give us a call and get 10% of your first orders.  

Visit Ex-Nihilo at http://www.ofnothing.co.uk/or (click here)



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If You Had £1000 Would You Keep Your Door Open



In a perfect world security would be provided by good faith and words but reality shows sometimes security needs a more accountable presence.

What does that initial line mean?

It means it would be wonderful for us to be able to leave  £1000 on our front room table with the windows and doors open and know that the £1000 on our desk is safe simply because of mutual respect between us and our neighbours.
But this is not a perfect world!
In reality what we can say is that the world is perfectly imperfect!

Social imbalances mean that in times of desperation even the most respectable person may be driven to take something which does not belong to them. A factor that is beyond our reach in resolving.

So in the meantime security is something that we cannot take lightly!

It means if were walking through a crowded street which is known for pick pocketing abuse, that ladies should automatically put their handbags in front of them so they have a clear view of it, and men should move their wallets from their back pocket into their front pocket and push their hands deep into these pockets.

Does it mean that your suspecting the whole world of being criminals?

What this means is that you have enough sense to know that not everyone has the same morals as you and will, if given the opportunity, take advantage of any lapses in security. CCTV is good at catching criminals after the event but like the timeless saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'! If you have your iPhone swiped, local police may catch the criminal through use of CCTV but you may go a month with out having access to your phone and potentially no access to loved ones. For some this may be devastating while a few of us may find this a welcomed relief ;-), but the loss will hurt.

When online we are all told that we should regularly change our passwords and always log out of an account, but how many of us actually do that?
The only time we care is when were hit by things such as a friend telling us they received a very suspect email from us, or worse when we look into our bank accounts and find out where there should by a few hundred pounds all that's left is an overdraft facility that says minus £300 and our council tax is due tomorrow...

But in all seriousness safety and security is something we should not be lax with, as there may come a time when tragedy strikes - the choice is yours...

To find out more about the security services we provide such as; CCTV installation, Security officers and training, or to utilise our cleaning services please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or email us on info@aasecurity.co.uk

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Sometimes it's astonishing to think that there's over 6 billion people on this planet. 6 billion people of different nationalities, creed, religion you name it, who each day go about there lives according to their beliefs. At its foundation we are all governed by the need for food, water, shelter and security. While in places like the UK food water and shelter is something easily obtained, in some parts of the world the threat to your sense of security is always there.

Recently talking with a friend we reminisced about a friend of ours who had their house burgled while they slept up stairs. We were quiet for a moment, as we both realised that the possibility that the burglar had watched her while she slept, was a very real possibility. The disturbing fact was that the burglar did not need to force entry in but simply crept through the open window of a downstairs room.

Of these 6 billion people on this earth for whatever the reasons some of them will be engaged in a criminal lifestyle, if you become complacent you will fall victim to it.

Modern life especially in places like the UK, has created a complacency whereby we all believe bad things could never happen to me, or could never happen over here in the relative safety of the UK. But in reality incident's such as the 7/7 London's tube bombings show that we can never be complacent, that we should never think that bad things can't happen to us because given the right circumstances a criminal will take advantage. There are 6 billion people on this planet and each of them is seeking food, water, shelter and security but each of them will seek this through different means.

If you want to tighten up your existing security measures and would like a Security alarm, CCTV or Security officer quote, simply give us a call on 0208 514 0861

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CCTV And Dumbbells



A conversation with an employee provided us with stronger reasons for the benefits of having CCTV


Recently I was at the gym and was slugging away at the punching bag, readying myself for the day's pressures. I noticed in a corner, and barely detectable, a small circular camera.  My initial reaction was to train harder so anyone watching would be amazed by my gym abilities! But this feeling wore off as I pondered just why my personal space was being invaded.


When I got downstairs I made a joke with the manager about peeping-Toms among his staff members and he explained that gym equipment and members' personal belongings like mobile phones had been stolen recently. To prevent this they decided to put in CCTV! Since installing CCTV guess how many items have been taken? None absolutely zero.


The human psyche is interesting.  Some unscrupulous individuals, believing they are clear of the watchful eye, will use any opportunity to break the law.  Lack of security protocols allows such individuals to plan or act instinctively without restriction. Don't believe me just look at the difference between children at play when a parent/guardian is in attendance and compare that to when unsupervised. Somehow the children will end up on the top shelf of your book cupboard! moreover they will proclaim their innocence! And for some of these children the transition to adulthood results in no perceived difference.


So ultimately the uncompromising gaze of CCTV helps greatly in keeping the misbehaving inner child from breaking free and taking or destroying stuff, that will cost you greatly in the long run.


If you would like us to install a watchful eye alternatively known as CCTV you can contact us on info@aasecurity.co.uk or give us a phone call on 0208 514 0861

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Cleaning Away The Rain



Another rainy day in London know surprise there! but the warm smile from A.A.securities head cleaning manager James brings a warmth to a wet and cold Tuesday.

The construction site of Kier is what you expect of a typical well run construction site men and women with hard hats hard boots and some with harder facial expressions work efficiently in turning hollowed blocks of flats and brown earth into something that in a few months times will have children running around and there out of breath parents running even faster after them as they chase them into the park.

I follow James and his team into a block without an escalator and so I have to walk up 6 flights of dusty floors each of our steps echoing around the premises. As I reach the 6th landing expecting to see more of the grub and dirt in the actual flats I'm pleasantly surprised to see empty rooms with sparkly white walls and grey floors.

On entry James quickly tells the rest of the team "we need to have this whole floor finished by the end of today they have given us two days but we will have it done today!"

A few team members have a wide eyed look as they listen to this but this is soon broken into laughter as they talk on the days events and there plans for later. Within a moment all five of them are each working tirelessly in creating rooms that look almost habitual aside from the missing furniture and missing bath panels.


I quickly find myself being in their way and so decide to make an exit before one of them trips over my idle feet.

Though the weather is cold and rainy and the building is dusty landing 6 is a spot of sunshine in the rising behemoth.

If you would like to hire our cleaners than please contact us on info@aasecurity.co.uk or on 0208 514 0861








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Cleaning Services



Recently I've been giving thoughts as to how I can help improve your business. Sounds crazy right but please give me a minute.

Just last week, I read a book that talked on the reasons for many businesses failing or would-be-entrepreneurs unable to get into second gear simply because they are too busy stuck doing unimportant tasks, instead of pursing tasks that require deeper thought, but can lead to larger gains. Now this book expanded on the subject explaining that a further problem is many of these businesses/ entrepreneurs will not delegate these simple tasks to someone else, as they want to save money. However inevitably it was proven that in the long run they became bogged down with non-life-changing tasks. The book went further on to say, that some of the simple things we can do to free up more of our time, enabling us to work on the life changing tasks, is offsetting tasks like cleaning.

Sounds silly right but think about how much time cleaning can really take. Moreover it must be done. Let's say cleaning takes 10 hours a week at 2 hours each day. Just imagine the things yourself or your staff will be able to complete with those extra 10 hours!

1 Week Free Cleaning

Well this is where we come in with helping to improve your business, as we have VERY competent staff experienced in both commercial and domestic cleaning. So competent by the way, that they win new contracts for us. In fact we are so sure that you will love the service of our cleaners, that when you hire the services of our cleaners before the 28th February, we will give you one weeks worth of free cleaning and 10% of for the first 3 months.

So delegate uninspiring cleaning jobs to us, we love them!

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CCTV is like your BFF (Best Friend)



CCTV is the equivalent of a best friend.

Now reading this you may be asking yourself why and how come.

So lets give you a scenario, you're out with your friends and you spot your significant other's best friend, now while you exchange mutual pleasantries you go about the rest of the night enjoying yourself. However your partners best friend quietly and silently is observing all of your antics they watch as you swing your top over your head after one drink too many and they watch with narrowed eyes as you talk with 'long black hair' for a little longer than needs be. The next morning when you wake up with a throbbing headache you also wake up to a complete account of your night's events in extreme detail and how the couch will now be your home for the next few nights.  All courtesy of your partner's best friend.

CCTV is the ultimate best friend. When people notice CCTV many will refrain from making a nuisance of themselves but there are those few who will see the CCTV and later on in the day or night will forget all about it's presence, but CCTV will not forget them. It quietly records all that Mr or Ms Nuisance is getting up to. The thing with CCTV is that it works tirelessly 24/7 and has the added benefits of night vision and recordings that can easily be accessed. Mr or Ms Nuisance will soon find themselves having to face Mr Judge.

For all CCTV enquires please contact us here.

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Is Black Friday as brutal as MMA?

 A Battle Of Wills!

In Martial Arts it's often taught that if possible, walk away from a violent confrontation rather than walk into it. Fighting is a last resort. Obviously some of the shoppers who took part in Black Friday were unfamiliar to this philosophy, because as soon as the store doors were opened they instantly threw elbows, knees and a few low blows on their fellow man.  With a ferociousness that would have given a Legend like Bruce Lee something to think about, before he dispersed the crowd using his prized one inch punch

Wilson Chowdhry Director of A.A. Security, reflects on what went wrong during the Black Friday mortal combat melee.

"The primary concern was the lack of security in these stalls. Competent uniformed officers trained in dynamic risk assessment, customer service and of course conflict management should have been there in numbers. This would allow people with concerns to take them up with visible uniformed personnel rather than getting themselves into personal arguments through frustration that un-policed, culminate in violence."

He added;

"An accurate risk assessment should have been carried out prior to the sale. This should have taken into account, local demographics, numbers of potential customers, safe maximum customer intake, numbers of staff required, emergency procedures, crowd management procedures and previous history."

He further added;

"Too often profit is placed before safety and Britain's reputation has taken a battering as a consequence. Moreover, many retail companies simply do not have the expertise to produce an adequate method statement and this is where companies such as A. A. Security Ltd, with our long history should be approached for guidance and a more professional approach."

We hope the events of Friday that were broadcast globally, will be a trigger for a more measured approach in future.


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Transport For London



We also noticed that Metronet Rail were paying our invoices in duplicate and brought this too the attention of our clients. A subsequent investigation revealed that they had been overpaying a large number of clients and shortly after the company filed for PPP Administration. The same staff continued working on our contracts but directly with London Underground and always appreciated our honesty that helped them uncover a major financial leak.” Wilson Chowhdry A.A.Security Director

As a company we have always prided ourselves on being honest while providing the best value to our clients as possible when working with TfL there was no exception to this rule.
Are first encounter of working with London Underground started in February 2005 we started working for a company called Trans4M who were a contractor to London Underground Ltd. We were called on site in an emergency after the poor performance of another security operator and deployed officers within a 7 hour period. With our fast response and level of professionalism our client was extremely impressed with our work giving us an additional 10 contracts within six months.
The company changed names in 2007 to Metronet Rail and we enjoyed working with them deploying officers on an average of 12 sites per year” Wilson Chowhdry A.A. Security Director

During our work with Trans4M, Metronet Rail, Vinci Construction and London underground are guards were asked to perform a number of front-line services including meet and greet and reception duties. Our other officers would control ingress and egress of pedestrians, vehicles or both. Mandatory tasks always included, patrolling, incident logs, duty logs, hazard detection and trespasser removal. On particularly sensitive sites our officers would also manage and control the CCTV equipment.

We had no idea what this training entailed and were refused entry to the course as we were not officially a contractor to the industry” Wilson Chowhdry


Some of the difficulties we faced when providing security for the rails was specific locations required specific training. The training at the time was called Safety Induction Scheme (SIS), which provided a 'Permit to Entry' on site on production of the pink card that was given to successful participants to the course. Nowadays the modern training course is of course the LUCAS Card. At that time we did not understand what the training entailed and so were refused entry to the course, as we were not officially a contractor to the industry. However through the trust and than partnership we had gained through our client Metronet we were able to send candidates on the course who then also had a medical assessment undertaken by a professional doctor. Our officers were required to undergo random drugs and alcohol tests and we altered our employment contracts to facilitate this. We also purchased our own swabs and alcohol breath detector equipment, which is still used by our supervisors to ensure officers are in a fit state to work.

While working at Euston Station and others during the 7/7 bombings our officers who had been Project Griffin trained by Scotland Yard Police, were able to help during the cordoning off of particularly vulnerable and dangerous areas

They were trained in how to detect potential bombs and helped keep thousands of Londoners safe from harm, during one of the biggest atrocities to have hit our city - despite the potential threat to their own lives. We were also able to get all our Security officers to their shifts despite hugely disrupted traffic and public transport using mediums such as National Rail Enquiries on-line and information being cascaded directly via Trans4M to their contractors. When the all clear was given for the removal of the cordon our officers were involved in the process and were thanked by London Underground Ltd, Trans4M and the Met Police.

During the term of all our contracts we received few complaints and no contract was ever terminated before time. Moreover, we continue to be approved for work with London Underground and Vinci Rail contracts.

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Friday Fun



By the looks of it, it doesn't appear like Mr Chowdhry will be back!

Lets hope he can reprogram a cybernetic locksmith!

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Friday Fun

As Ilford's finest chased after Mr Chowdhry with a relentless Hunger he let out a shudder as he looked at his bent key...

Let's hope that in the land of the Dead there's a quick arrival Locksmith around...

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In Defence of the realm

AA Security has provided security solutions for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) across the last three years now, including protection regimes for the North Luffenham and Abingdon Barracks.

We seem to have done pretty well, too, if this quote from Major K D Radwell (Second in Command, 16th Regiment RA) is anything to go by… “AA Security has continued to meet the stringent requirements of its current MoD contract in North Luffenham. The fact that we selected the company over and above a strong field of competitors was proof of its flexibility to adapt and willingness to improve. The staff are highly motivated and, with the support of the company, keen to further their professional and personal development.”

Major Radwell continued: “At all levels of management there’s open and honest dialogue resulting in speedy conflict resolution and a proactive response to feedback. Based upon the company’s performance to date, I would have no hesitation in recommending them for further work in this field.

The most difficult of public sector contracts to secure

Contracts of this type are among the most difficult to secure within the public sector, as the MoD branch responsible for the tender process ‘Commercial: In Confidence’ undertakes a very stringent investigative analysis of all who approach the organisation for contracts.

The mandatory finance audits, quality assurance testing and Health and Safety analyses required for most public sector contracts are only part of a process that’s elongated by specific requirements and meticulous in terms of detail.

For instance, when service providers come to complete the tender documentation for these contracts, the MoD makes it compulsory that organisations endorse a commitment to professionally develop all potential employees to be deployed on site to a full NVQ Level 2 standard.

Some might say that’s no real landmark. However, this learning stipulation surpasses many other commercial and public sector organisations, and sets a rather refreshing precedent (something that I have been championing for our industry in its entirety).

Moreover, it could be argued that an opportunity to incorporate this training practice in the first cycle of re-licensing has been overlooked by our industry Regulator, the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Environmental and CSR credentials

The contract also required organisations to demonstrate their environmental, innovation and technology and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. This recognition of the need to reduce the collective carbon footprint is an element of the MoD’s tendering process that’s worthy of some accolade. This from an organisation not conventionally expected to be concerned with miasma.

The MoD is taking a lead role in filtering out insouciant companies and cascading a message of responsibility.

This need for commercial accountability is echoed in the MoD’s elucidation of organisations with a strong CSR ethic, and quite commensurate with the strong local focus that has made MoD units participative – if not to say intrinsic – to large community events, while at the same time emitting a palpable charitable presence.

AA Security is also an organisation with a tangible community image. We organise the local Redbridge Carnival, and our management team is now indispensable to many local police, Council and community initiatives. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we won the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ category at the 2007 Docklands Business Club Awards.

With regard to innovation and technology, private sector security companies now find themselves in a position whereby they must be able to provide integrated security solutions if they are to survive. Many are now also using GPS tracking systems functioning through mobile telephones or real-time patrol manager systems, workable through online Control Centre software that’s accessible to clients by way of pass-coded secure access.

Yes, these technologies and systems empower clients and contractors alike. However, few if any other companies other than ourselves have installed photovoltaics (otherwise known as solar panels) that provide 75% of their annual general electricity consumption and are all linked to a UPS. Is this unique in the industry? It’s certainly a reflection of our organisation’s ethical green stance, and a commitment to long term strategy and contingency planning.

Environmental and CSR factors have become a stronger and more welcome focal point within the much improved and continuously enhanced SIA Approved Contractor Scheme. This is, however, a voluntary accreditation, and our industry practitioners are still unclear in respect of the term CSR.

At a recent SIA public meeting, I remember an officer from a leading security organisation talking of supervisory visits, internal audits and BS EN IS0 9001 when he was asked to present on the subject. I have offered my services to the SIA, and hope the Regulator will give me an opportunity to readdress and highlight the more advanced concepts of ‘sustainable development’ practice.

In the meantime, we’ll rely on organisations such as the MoD and a number of local councils to push forward the agenda to our industry in a more forcible manner by dint of setting a ‘Good Practice Demonstration’ criteria for tendering companies.

Counter-terrorism checks and Baseline vetting

One other important factor relating to MoD tendering is the need to undergo counter-terrorism checks and Baseline vetting for all employees. This is an involved and rather detailed process that’s undertaken by the MoD and throws many hurdles in the pathway of potential contractors.

The Baseline application researches immigration status, Right to Work and three personal references. Two of the references can be from anyone who doesn’t reside at the same address, while one must be a professional reference from either an educational establishment or an employer.

There’s a catch, however. The applicant must have been residing in the UK for at least three years. This process is to be facilitated by the awarded security contractor, irrespective of screening practices deployed within the requirement for BS 7858:2006 and BS 7499:2007, and must be approved by an authorised MoD on-site representative.

The CTC application is significantly more stringent than the Baseline checks, and requires a history check on relatives of potential recruits (ie parents and children, etc). It limits certain travelling (ie to countries with a proclivity for terrorism) and also incorporates a deeper financial analysis.

The process is very intensive, and security contractors that have been through it will be well aware of the logistical burdens placed on their Human Resources function. If you think the SIA requirements are tough you really will find this too much to take, and should probably steer clear of a process that could become unfruitful.

This process is undertaken by the Defence Vetting Agency and its decision is final without recourse to appeal. It can take up to two months, and late rejections may cause serious recruitment burden. Hence, it would be advantageous and rather astute to ensure that the potential candidates for deployment are in excess of logistical need and that an approved reserve force to cater for unforeseen and planned absences is calibrated from the outset.

Lifelong training and the MoD

Finally, I should remark on the extremely laudable lifelong training practices undertaken by the MoD. We are aware that its military staff are frequently up-skilled and have access to a wide range of courses external to the organisation. If the MoD decided to hire out its security services to the commercial sector, many organisations in our sector would not have a chance!

Too many of our lead protagonists have a ‘minimise costs’ perspective rather than a more encompassing focus on training. As I say, we’ve been working in tandem with the MoD, and ensured that our staff have been rostered in a manner that compliments cross-pollination training. This flexibility has resulted in several military-specific training courses in searching and operational practices, culminating in a more integrated and collaborative effort to reduce breaches of security

The SIA definitely missed a trick when it came to the recent re-licensing of security operatives and management. Although the Regulator has covered some ground in the potential physical intervention requirement for door supervisors in the third round of licensing (with the potential for panic ensuing before the Olympics?!), it has still to set any new targets for other security disciplines.

Personally, I hope the modular training routes proposed at various SIA meetings will come to fruition as I can see no better way to proceed with the future training remit for our industry.

The Institute of Leadership and Management

In the meanwhile, as an organisation we have now attained Institute of Leadership and Management status to provide leadership and management training for our potential and deployed supervisors and members of the holistic senior management team. I know for a fact that this development impressed the MoD at tender stage. We are also unique in the security sector in terms of our attainment of a Leadership and Management Accreditation hosted by Investors in People.

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A.A. Security secures Local Goodmayes Play Park contract.

Harminder Sura, Trustee of Victoria Lane Play Park and Wilson Chowdhry, Director of A.A. Security sign new contract for maintenance and security of new community play park.

A. A. Security have secured the maintenance and security contract for a new community Play Park in Goodmayes, Ilford.    The centre contains a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and associated play park.  The contract will involve securing the car park area, maintaining the safety of users, General cleaning and House-keeping, horticultural and gardening services and protecting the play area from vandalism and misuse.  Learn more about VLPP (click here).

Our operatives will be responsible for opening and the closing of the facility and general upkeep and will be available 24 hours a day to respond to any emergencies.

A set of Park regulations for the new play park and MUGA can be read below:




THE PLAY PARK IS MONITORED BY AA SECURITY ALL ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE MADE TO The Control Centre, AA Security, 57 Green Lane, Ilford, IG1 1XG, Tel: 020 8514 0861


In order that the Play Park may be properly and effectively managed and maintained as a valuable recreational amenity for the benefit of the local community, the following Rules and Regulations are to be observed at all times by any persons using this Play Park.




Throughout these Rules and Regulations the expression "The Trustees" shall mean VICARAGE LANE PLAY PARK.  The expression "Authorisation" shall mean the written authorisation of the Trustees.




1.         No person shall enter or leave the Play Park otherwise than by an authorised entrance or exit.


2.         No person shall behave riotously or indecently on the Play Park nor shall a person intentionally obstruct, disturb or annoy any other person on the Play Park.


3.         No person shall displace, remove, interfere with, damage or destroy any soil, turf, plant, shrub, tree, window, door, pavilion, shed, post, railing, fence, wall, seat, bench, table, playground equipment, gym equipment, notice, plaque or any other fixture, fitting, furniture, equipment or erection on the Play Park.


  1.   No person shall without Authorisation, display any advertisement or notice 

          upon the Play Park.


5.         No persons shall, without Authorisation, erect any booth, stand, tent or other structure or camp or remain overnight upon the Play Park  nor shall a person, without Authorisation, sell, hire or offer or expose for sale or hire any article or commodity on the Play Park.


6.         No smoking is allowed in the MUGA. Appropriate signage will be in place.


7.         No person shall, without Authorisation, organise or participate in any religious service, public meeting, assembly, rally or demonstration, whether of a political or any other nature, or BBQ’s,  on the Play Park.


8.         No person shall, without Authorisation, transmit or receive any signal or broadcast, play any musical instrument, radio, tape, record player, cassette recorder compact disk player or equipment for the reproduction of music or speech or singing in any part of the Play Park. Listening to music on personal headphones at a reasonable level using iPhones or similar will be permitted.





9.         No person shall, without authorisation, bring or cause to be brought into any part of the Play Park, not expressly set apart by the Trustees for that purpose, any motor car, lorry, van, motorcycle, moped, or other powered vehicle and persons shall only park or leave the same in such designated area during opening hours and in connection with the proper use of the Play Park.  No person shall ride a bicycle outside the car park area.




10.       No person shall bring any animal, other than a guide dog, onto the Play Park. If any person should bring a dog into the Play Park, they will be responsible for the behaviour of their animal, will ensure its control by keeping it on a lead at all times and will clean up any mess that the animal may produce while in the Play Park, depositing any such mess in the bins provided. No animals are allowed in the MUGA. Any person contravening any of this Regulation will be removed from the Park with said animal and refused subsequent entry.




11.       No person shall interfere with or hinder any person playing or about to play an authorised game on the MUGA.


12.       No person shall play a game in such an unreasonable manner so as to damage any area of the Park or to risk injury to players or spectators or to interfere unduly with the proper use of the Play Park by any person or with persons or property on adjacent land.


13.       No person shall play on the Play Park any games, which have been specifically prohibited by the Trustees


14.       Any persons taking part in any authorised game for which the exclusive use of any space in the MUGA has been set apart shall:


14.1     not play on any space any game other than the game for which it is set apart


14.2     not play wearing clothing, shoes and equipment that could damage the MUGA such as football boots with studs or blades.


14.3     not continue to play the game beyond the period of time allocated to them by the Trustees or it’s representative if other persons are then desirous of playing; and


14.4     not play any game when the state of the ground or other cause makes it unfit for use as decided by the Trustees or its representative.


15.       No person shall fly any model aircraft in any part of the Play Park  & MUGA.


16.       A person shall not chip, pitch or drive a golf ball in any part of the Play Park & MUGA.





17.       Any person in breach of ANY of these Rules and Regulations is liable to be banned forthwith from the Play Park indefinitely or for such lesser period as the Trustees shall think fit.




18.       The Trustees do not accept any responsibility or liability for the death of or injury to any person or animal who or which is at any time upon the Play Park or for the loss of or damage to any property belonging to any person upon the Play Park. All persons visiting the Play Park and/or MUGA shall do so entirely at their own risk.


            Visitors are accordingly requested to leave all parked vehicles locked and secure and to keep all valuables and possessions with them.


19.       Visitors parking cars do so entirely at their own risk and must remove them          before closing time or when requested to do so by the Trustees or their   representative.

Thank you.     


The Trustees   

Vicarage Lane Play Park

112 Thorold Road, Ilford, IG1 4EY

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UK terrorist threat raised - A.A. Security already poised to do our part!


The UK's secret service the MI5 raised the terrorist threat to Britain from "substantial" to "severe."  The increased threat level means that an extremist attack is now highly likely to occur here in our own country.  The 7/7 Bombings and the awful attack on Lee Rigby are examples of the type of threat we now face on our Island.  Learn more of the raised threat level (here)

In the wake of 9/11 A.A. Security worked with the UK Police force to train all our officers in counter terrorism, under "Project Griffin" an police operation that explained tell-tale signs of terrorism, reporting mechanisms and established a network of partner agencies including a few conscientious security companies who chose to fund the training of their workforces.   A later programme "Project Argent" ensured a more comprehensive and in-depth training was provided to managers for organisations within the original programme.

In 2012 our commitment to Project Griffin paid great dividend, as two of our eight deployed security officers at the North Luffenham Barracks, based near Leicester caught two perpetrators acting suspiciously around the perimeter of the military site.  Effective use of CCTV evidence, immediate reporting to military police and eye witness accounts led to the arrest, detainment and eventual prosecution of two terrorists.  So there you have it!  A.A. Security is protecting the realm.

The heightened terrorist threat in the UK is in response to extremist Islamic ideology that has permeated some parts of our society.  Our Director Wilson Chowdhry - Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association has been working on a number of projects promoting interfaith harmony.  In the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby, he held a televised Peace Memorial concert for the slain military drummer.  The ITV feature can be viewed here:  


Our offices were also used as a location for a series of interfaith harmony meetings with local faith leaders, and for art workshops for children that led to the creation of a Lee Rigby Memorial painting:


Our focus on community safety and security, evidences our commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.  Moreover, it proves that A.A. Security has a stake in national security!

For more details of our work at the North Luffenham Barracks (click here)

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Wilson's Way: Security guard incidents


Continuation from "Our Measures for security guards."


Video Transcript (Sic)


David: so you seem to have very strong measures in regards too knowing the whereabouts of your security guards what's the reason for that

Wilson: Many years ago when we first started the company this is 20 years ago now we use to have issues with officers lacking an understanding off the need for punctuality and also often they would skive of site and we would catch them in the act during our site visit. Obviously this is many years down the line obviously now 20 years later over that period we have organically proved our mechanisms introduced electronic software ensuring we have supervisors to prevent such lapses happening. 

In a worse case scenario that I remember, I remember we assigned an officer to a construction site in Luton and the officer kept ringing up confirming with our control center manager of the time he was on site. But when the supervisor visited we couldn't gain access to the gate we kept calling him and saying why are you not opening the gate unfortunately the client didn't provide a landline telephone number so we couldn't check his whereabouts we could only call his mobile to confirm he was on site and he kept telling us he was in the toilets when he actually lived quite local to the site. He was disappearing home we found that, our supervisor just kept on channeling around the site trying to look for him and we saw him drive back and sneak over the fence. Which we took pictures of. It was a real moment of realisation for us that the system had to be a bit more effective. 

That's when we started investigating the potential for electronic systems to prevent such recurrences and we invested heavily we originally bought something by a company called Mytech which was quite useless because it kept crashing unfortunately. We now have this new system which works in real time its backed up by independent server we subscribe too the company that are providing this for us. We are one of the very few companies in the country that are now able to allow access to that particular service too our clients for passcoded access to that software program. More to the point as well the software allows us to monitor security officers patrol in real time too because it has an electronic time clock device which has an electronic type tagging system ensuring we know exactly where the officer is patrolling when's he's undertaken those patrols and are alerted to any missed patrols or missed check calls able to protect the officer ensuring his safety is paramount. Ensuring that his duties are carried out properly, but also although its not so important nowadays because we know guards that are really compliment because of the software it enables us to know that the officer is based on site. 

But I must add we haven't had an incident of an officer not being on sight when he's reported to be since maybe 19 years.

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A London Locksmith: Locks to keep your premises secure

Video Transcript (Sic) 

Hi my names Richard and I’ve come to talk to you today about home security products. That’s British Standard locks that you need to have in your household or accommodation. When I say British Standard I mean it’s a secure lock. These are some of the products that we have that we sell in our company, just a few, but just I want to show you quickly. This is what we call a mortice lock most people have got a mortice lock on their house. This is what people normally associate with a chubb lock, but this is a mortice five lever and as you can see there we have the British Standard kite mark  the BS mean British Standard and its 3621 that means its covered it would be covered by your insurance its an insurance approved lock. Which you need to consider if you go through the event of being burgled and you don’t have British Standard locks than your insurance company will say your insurance is invalid so you need to make sure that you have a British Standard lock. Yet again we have the same type of lock this is a sash lock a sash lock is the one with the handle and the mortice lock. Yet again you can see in the wrapping it’s a British Standard that’s the kite mark there. You got to be careful when buying that so make sure they have the kite marks.

We sell a wide range of locks this is an Ingersoll very good lock, very common if you want to buy a good secure lock that is a good one to have and as you can see across the range there is different quality of locks. I spoke to you earlier on one of the videos about having a antisnap euro profile. This is one that I opened earlier and basically that’s the antisnap euro cyclinder there. If its sticking out of your door if they’ve got this on than the burglar can only break this part of the lock of  maintaining this which means your door is still locked and they can’t open it.  We sell a wide range of these locks on the market. So as I said a tip to remember when buying a lock make sure its at British Standard 3621 and these are the locks that we sell in our company its insurance approved locks and these locks will be good to secure your accommodation. Thank you

If you would like to talk with one of our advisers on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.

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A London Locksmith: Safety tips for home

Hi my name is Richard and I’m here today to talk to you today about some home security tips things that you need to consider if your going out of your house and sometimes your in a rush.

So I want to talk to you about three things first thing I want to say is if your leaving your house in the day and your going to be out all evening and your coming back late or you might be going away. First simple method that you should do is keep a light on. My bathroom light is on 24/7 and it leads out to the front street it just makes people think you’re in when you are out. Simple tip it gives the burglar second thoughts of entering your accommodation or flat because they think somebody might well be in. Tip number two you have to remember too lock your door, simple lots of people have these mechanisms where you pull up the handle and lock the door a lot of the times you rush out and you leave the door open that is so easy for a burglar to come in. So that’s Tip number make sure your new PVC door is locked handle up and turned and the last tip is give a neighbor or a friend, somebody a spare key as a lot of the time you’ve forgotten the key you’ve lost your key and to prevent you spending ex amount of monies £100’s calling out a locksmith because your locked out it would really be a good idea if you give somebody that you trust a key so therefore when you do get locked out you can just go and get your key and than gain access.

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A London Locksmith: Types of locks "Euro profile lock"




 Video Transcript (Sic)

Hi my names Richard and I’m a locksmith and I’ve come to talk to you about home security come to talk to you about how to secure your accommodation [ Where you're living]. Here we have a euro profile mortice lock now this lock has been incorrectly fitted because as you can see this profile is sticking out about 10 mm outside of the door. So what happens if a burglar comes along and they know how to gain access through these locks, here [this is] what they do they actually break this part of the lock off and than gain access, its quite easy. Now what you could do to prevent that if you had no option but to put this lock onand it was protruding out, you could [attach] a high security lock - a antisnap lock. Which means its very hard to break off very hard to drill open and its quite hard to drill [at all].

I mean hard for the burglar but a locksmith has his techniques and ways of gaining it. So that’s a tip that you need to consider is when your fitting these euro profile’s make sure there not sticking out too far. If you’ve called a locksmith and he’s come to change your lock ask him if you can have one that’s flush with the door, because if its not flush your making yourself vulnerable to burglary.

If you would like to talk with one of our advisers on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.


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Archant Regional Ltd





Our guards patrol the site during off peak hours and check server temperature. The Security officers have to ensure unauthorised entry is not permitted in the premises during their presence.

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A London Locksmith "Staying safe at home"




Video Transcript

Hi my name is Richard and I'm going to be talking to you about some home owner tips on how to keep your house, your flat and your accommodation secure. Ok so what you and I have in common is the fact that we all have locks on our house and there are different types of locks for all types of houses and for all different types of doors. Generally we want to make sure our houses and our flats are secure so we should really be thinking about choosing a good security lock. There are different brands and many different levels of security. So I'm going to show you this lock here, this lock here is an Era lock, what we call [in the industry] a night latch. Here is a different type of lock were it has an anti slip mechanism which actually makes this night latch a locking door. So the main thing is once this part of the lock is fitted correctly and once this button is depressed you cannot open the door from the outside, which is a nightmare for burglars because normally they will try to get through the shut of the door [Join of lock] and they'll push that latch back and open the door, but this lock here doesn't allow that to happen if it's fitted correctly. If it's not fitted correctly, than this [points to locking cylinder] will go in and than they can gain access to it. So this is a good secure lock. It's not British standard even though it's a good lock. a British standard one would be a little bigger and would be harder to kick off. So saying that there are pro's and cons on what you could buy, this property has bought a good lock but what they have forgotten is that this door can easily be opened from the letterbox. So if I was a burglar I would basically come through that letterbox open that latch and I'm in so your anti slip really doesn't make any sense.

If you would like to talk with one of our advisors on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.


New Blog post for staying safe at home. Types of Locks "Euro Profile Lock"

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Queen Mary University of London



Library security required to patrol library (Full time) during extended Summer periods and permanently during out of hours period.  Duties included switching off all amenities at close, checking for trapped persons and ensuring that whole site is exited before exit.  Reporting of any equipment malfunction or premises damage and contact of out of hours service repairs if necessary.

Desk clearance has become a role of the officers after which books are fed into the automatic book sorter ready for shelving the following morning. 

Lost property must be reported and filed away in secured labelled bags within an hour of find or receipt.  Computers left behind go to special storage at main reception desk for 24 hour access.

Minimise theft by visible patrols of an hourly frequency and security responsible for ensuring 1 hour limit is adhered to at private study areas during busy periods.

Ad hoc services are a regular feature at the site for internal security absences including gate-keeping, reception security, student accommodation welfare security and event security.  Overnight security for protection of graduation canopies has been a regular feature of the site.

Officers have been required to hold a good competency with computers for many of the administrative tasks and have received extra training in equality and diversity and customer service, to enhance overall service provision.

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: Our Measures For Security Guards

Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry how do you ensure that your guards are always on site

Mr Chowdhry: It all begins with our control center staff were very careful as a company because we understand that one of the most important things for our clients is punctuality, and the other factor is going to be that there duties undertaken on site whilst on duty are correctly and accurately carried out.  Our control center staff will ensure that shift rotas are given to officers as early as possible and that they are advised early enough for changes to be made should they be required to do so. Officers have a very strict disciplinary code that they understand this code ensures that any emergency changes are brought to our attention as soon as possible preventing any lapse in shift cover. We always have an emergency supply of officers meaning that any emergency changes are easily recruited for and this is done through our control center software. Which operates in real time and flags up existing emergency officers ready to cover shifts that may be missed. But more to the point as well that control center software most importantly acts as a record of an officer’s attendance. On duty they will call 15 minutes before their duty shift starts confirming they are on site. If they are late to do that a red warning flags up allowing us ample time to find out where they are and to than advise our clients.

Once they are on sight they are than required to call the control center every hour any missed calls are flagged up enabling our control center staff to check that they are still healthy that they are still safe and that they are still attending on the site by calling back on the site telephone number that will be listed within that control center package. Our package works in real time and our clients also have passcoded access to that service also meaning that if they wanted to they could confirm that the evidence that we provide is correct and accurate.


Continuing post security guard incidents.

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London Borough Of Brent



A.A.Security provide static and mobile uniformed security officers, CCTV operators, reception security and safe drivers for all Brent council security needs. We were awarded the London Borough of Brent security service contract in May 2009 The initial contract included Static and Patrol Guarding, Keyholding and an Open and close services for Buildings and public open spaces.  We have been working diligently with the Council, who have been very impressed in the quality of our service provision and as a result of this have asked to extend our contract to include their Wheel-clamping and parking Management of all Council Car Parks.  We are also providing a vetted and conflict management trained officer for their secure driving of Environmental Officers.  The contract is due to expand further and already we are in the process of discussions that may eventually see us securing their Locksmith and Key cutting service contract.  Our deployment of officers requires a minimum of 98% deployments on time.  Thus far we are attaining over 99% compliance and this includes our emergency response service that requires on average an addition of up to 22 shifts per week.

We also provide for the Brent Baces buildings such as reception duties, patrolling the premises and adjacent grounds to check hazards to the property and premises. Our officers also provide safety of teachers and the students as well as the visitors to this education centre. 

Within this building they operate a well used local library and Museum, with extremely high footfall.  Our officers provide a meet and greet function and are required to familiarise themselves with the building, so that they can signpost visitors through the awkward number of , rooms and passages.  Conflict Management training is provided and deaf awareness training in addition to equality training.  

Due to the potential for lost children all officers deployed are required to hold Enhanced CRB Checks.  Deployed officers are also required to understand fully the lost and found procedure and to patrol regularly for any security threat including bomb detection.  They are trained as Fire Marshalls and are required to assist in evacuation of the buildings.

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Abingdon and North Luffenham (MOD)



A.A. Security protected Abingdon and North Luffenham Barracks for the MOD. Our contract spanned 4 years and only ended after the public sector cuts meant the MOD made a decision to revert to Army Officers protecting these sites. During our term on the barracks our counter terrorism operations led to several arrests. We had to recruit officers under the strictest of vetting practices via the Counter Terrorism Check (CTC) and Baseline process. So you see we have had and continue to have a stake in National security.

Duties undertaken

We operated a security service consisting of access control (meeting and greeting), patrolling, monitoring of the perimeter CCTV with military authority and partnering with soldiers.  Whilst active on duty our officers were once responsible for the apprehension of a suspected terrorist trespassing on site.

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: A Green World


Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry could you tell us about A.A. Securities focus on the environment.

Mr Chowdhry: Of course I’d love too, we are a very green conscious company. We believe that it’s the duty of every business to preserve the atmosphere the environment for future generations it’s the children that will suffer. I am now 40 and I have three children myself and I feel very responsible for there future.

Some of the things we’ve attained that prove our focus include BS EN 14001 one of the environmental accreditation's which is internationally recognized. We’ve one green awards by academics in Middlesex University through the Ecovate program I should say. We also won the yellow advertiser green award for our best business practices which include having the only solar panels for a small SME business in Redbridge we received the last grant from the than energy saving trust and were very pleased about that. We also bought a bicycle fleet for are employees to get about and motorcycles and we try to reduce paper waste by storing most of our data now electronically. Our computers and office equipment are to the highest degree and spec, and paper again has various logos and accreditation's such as renewable forests we got the swan logo on everything. We buy only paper from, that preserve renewable forests or that have been 100% recycled. What I would say is its an on going thing for us and we continue to monitor and adapt our processes to make sure were at the cusp of change when it comes too productivity related to sustainability.  



 By Wilson Chowhdry

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: Memorable Security events



Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry what’s the most memorable event AA security provided security for?

Mr Chowdhry: I wouldn’t say any of them are more memorable than any other we appreciate all our clients and each event has its own particular fascination. I think in particular the ones that I recall are probably the most recent Redbridge carnival 2013. Huge event 15,000 people brought up many issues regarding anti social behavior, trying to control the crowd we managed to do that quite effectively and have protected Redbridge carnival ever since it was initiated. To date Redbridge carnival is the only event in Redbridge never to have any serious incidents, so were quite please about that, that’s a real plus point in our recommendations from clients.  

Another fascinating event was definitely the British Pakistani Christian Association event that was in conjunction with church in need held in Westminster Cathedral. That event was a more somber occasion in which a small parade occurred in the square just before the cathedral and we had to also maintain order within the church. After the church decided to run an event focusing on humanitarian aid to Christians that are very much in need after targeted oppression. Again it went without a hitch and we were thanked gratefully for it so for us every event is so special and we do try to insure that we match the requirements of each and every client.



 By Wilson Chowhdry

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: A.A. Security Accreditation


Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry I’ve noticed you got a lot of accreditation's for the security company A.A. Security. So what does having so much accreditation’s mean for not only you but the security industry.


Wilson: Well for me personally I gain a sense of pride in the achievement of our company. I mean we’ve now been around for 20 years, which is a feat in its self. But I think you know for clients in particular when we were able to show them our lists of awards and accreditation's they recognise that were a company focused on quality.

I mean some of these are very hard to come by; we stand unique in the industry for several of our accreditation's.  I believe we are still the only company in the security sector to have the positive about disability logo and the accreditation and we were the first in the sector to attain it. Again with Investors In People Gold I’m definite we are the only security company to of achieved that. So what were saying to people is, that yes we invest in our people but we go beyond the norm and way beyond. The Gold award is very very hard to achieve. Previously we had the Investors In People leadership and management award while that still existed. So we’ve always had this strong focus just ensuring clients understood that our first thought and care was how the service impacts on them.

We’ve won community service awards, were one of the few companies that has a direct input into its local community. We allow use of our building for neighborhood watch meetings, we allow use of our building for the police to distribute crime prevention devices and our back academy has now become a community center we couldn’t have a stronger focus for people for the community.

As time proceeds we intend to continue with obtaining these particularly awards because it brings us in touch with other professionals those that really do care about how they operate and that’s the way we want to go forward.

So I hope that’s been interesting but feel free to ask me more questions in your musings around the office.

Thanks Dave


 By Wilson Chowhdry

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Guard Services
Guard Services
AA Security personnel are highly experienced in all aspects of security. Our uniformed officers in liveried patrol vehicles will visit and inspect premises at regular random intervals.
Control Room
Control Room
Our 24 hour control centre is the nucleus of our operations ensuring rapid response to queries and immediate reactions to incidents.
Keyholding Service
Key Holding Services
We have a network of keyholding personnel who are vetted, trained and available to respond rapidly to alarm activations. We will hold keys and access codes to your premises.
Dog Service
Key Holding Services
Our Professional Patrol Dog Unit has been established for over four years. During this time we have achieved NASDU Associate Company Status.