Video Transcript (Sic)

Hi my names Richard and I’m a locksmith and I’ve come to talk to you about home security come to talk to you about how to secure your accommodation [ Where you're living]. Here we have a euro profile mortice lock now this lock has been incorrectly fitted because as you can see this profile is sticking out about 10 mm outside of the door. So what happens if a burglar comes along and they know how to gain access through these locks, here [this is] what they do they actually break this part of the lock off and than gain access, its quite easy. Now what you could do to prevent that if you had no option but to put this lock onand it was protruding out, you could [attach] a high security lock - a antisnap lock. Which means its very hard to break off very hard to drill open and its quite hard to drill [at all].

I mean hard for the burglar but a locksmith has his techniques and ways of gaining it. So that’s a tip that you need to consider is when your fitting these euro profile’s make sure there not sticking out too far. If you’ve called a locksmith and he’s come to change your lock ask him if you can have one that’s flush with the door, because if its not flush your making yourself vulnerable to burglary.

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