Britain has a bad quite embarrassing history of football hooliganism.  Fortunately FIFA noticed that the hooliganism in France during the recent Euro 2016 campaign was triggered by Russian hooligans.  Besides their behaviour was captured by many media groups. 

However, this does not exempt us from the realization that such violence is a problem here in the UK too.

For years property owners have been scared to walk out of the door if their own home town team loses.  Fearful that over inebriated fans will take out their anger on the innocent homeowner.  

More than 100,000 English and Welsh fans travelled to the Champions League and Europa League matches outside of England and Wales.  British fans were amongst the worst behaved fans during these tournaments.  Moreover in pubs and other locations showing these football matches across the UK crime stats increased dramatically after a loss and sometimes during a win due to over exuberance.

AA Security can protect your properties in the UK.  Whether it is through a deterrent such as a CCTV installation,  Uniformed security officers around vacant or operational properties during a time of heightened excitement, or door supervisors in your pubs and clubs, we can provide the necessary expertise to reduce, report and respond to crimes of this nature.

England are about to embark into the knockout stages of the Euro 2016 finals.  The games will get harder and if history repeats itself we could be in for some disappointment soon.  Don't get caught unawares make sure you have the right security for your situation.

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