As Christmas nears many commercial building will be left vacant and companies across the country will be hiring security officers o protect their precious possessions. Finding a company that is reliable and trustworthy is difficult, however our 23 years of experience prove we are doing something right.  Give us a call this Christmas and we can provide a free estimate.  Till then here is a case study for you to peruse.  Hopefully it will guide you to the right decision.  Merry Christmas!


A. A. Security Ltd has a proud history of providing specialist security services to a range of industries for in excess of 23 years. Our innovative approach and bespoke design have made us a must have company which has ensured our client retention stands at 95%. Not bad for an industry tarnished with a reputation for poor quality.

Our latest client is HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd, who are part of a huge global business network. The project we are protecting is the Ardleigh Green Bridge Installation for Transport for London. The contract requires us to provide staff that control ingress and egress to a constantly developing site during the daytime and to prevent all access during night shifts. All in all the contracted hours on site are 252 hours per week.

The Quantity Surveyor on site expressed great concern about the previous contractor who had failed to provide the right quality of officer. Falling asleep on site, dubious records for patrols and several thefts on site caused huge concern. Moreover the officers had a very poor understanding of the English language - good language skills are a must for a site with a large constantly changing workforce.

Since the initiation of our service the client has remarked on the quality of our uniforms and deployed staff. The Quantity Surveyor said:

"The uniforms worn by your officers are clean and appropriate. Security officers wear all the correct PPE including hi-vis jackets in orange, not yellow, and look presentable. Every officer deployed so far has been able to converse well and is very competent. Not only do they have security training but LUCAS training which compliments our work - this has inspired us with confidence. We also note that A.A. Security officers are extremely punctual."

To ensure patrols are conducted regularly we have installed a real-time patrol manager system on site - a facility few security companies can offer. This equipment affords the client 24 hour access to records of patrols and our hourly evening call records to the control centre. This has gone a long way in resolving the doubts about patrols taken by security teams, a product of the previously removed security contractor. What's more the improvement in service provision has impressed the client so much they have already agreed to get us started on a new contract.

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