Recently I've been giving thoughts as to how I can help improve your business. Sounds crazy right but please give me a minute.

Just last week, I read a book that talked on the reasons for many businesses failing or would-be-entrepreneurs unable to get into second gear simply because they are too busy stuck doing unimportant tasks, instead of pursing tasks that require deeper thought, but can lead to larger gains. Now this book expanded on the subject explaining that a further problem is many of these businesses/ entrepreneurs will not delegate these simple tasks to someone else, as they want to save money. However inevitably it was proven that in the long run they became bogged down with non-life-changing tasks. The book went further on to say, that some of the simple things we can do to free up more of our time, enabling us to work on the life changing tasks, is offsetting tasks like cleaning.

Sounds silly right but think about how much time cleaning can really take. Moreover it must be done. Let's say cleaning takes 10 hours a week at 2 hours each day. Just imagine the things yourself or your staff will be able to complete with those extra 10 hours!

1 Week Free Cleaning

Well this is where we come in with helping to improve your business, as we have VERY competent staff experienced in both commercial and domestic cleaning. So competent by the way, that they win new contracts for us. In fact we are so sure that you will love the service of our cleaners, that when you hire the services of our cleaners before the 28th February, we will give you one weeks worth of free cleaning and 10% of for the first 3 months.

So delegate uninspiring cleaning jobs to us, we love them!