Sometimes it's astonishing to think that there's over 6 billion people on this planet. 6 billion people of different nationalities, creed, religion you name it, who each day go about there lives according to their beliefs. At its foundation we are all governed by the need for food, water, shelter and security. While in places like the UK food water and shelter is something easily obtained, in some parts of the world the threat to your sense of security is always there.

Recently talking with a friend we reminisced about a friend of ours who had their house burgled while they slept up stairs. We were quiet for a moment, as we both realised that the possibility that the burglar had watched her while she slept, was a very real possibility. The disturbing fact was that the burglar did not need to force entry in but simply crept through the open window of a downstairs room.

Of these 6 billion people on this earth for whatever the reasons some of them will be engaged in a criminal lifestyle, if you become complacent you will fall victim to it.

Modern life especially in places like the UK, has created a complacency whereby we all believe bad things could never happen to me, or could never happen over here in the relative safety of the UK. But in reality incident's such as the 7/7 London's tube bombings show that we can never be complacent, that we should never think that bad things can't happen to us because given the right circumstances a criminal will take advantage. There are 6 billion people on this planet and each of them is seeking food, water, shelter and security but each of them will seek this through different means.

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