A. A. Security have won a contract to protect Opensource CIC head office at Gillett Square Hackney.

Gillett Square is a community. Home to independent businesses, coffee drinkers, thinkers, skateboarders, jazz clubs, artists, time travellers, live music and performances, award winning architecture, a radio station, record shops, dreamers, fashion designers, music studios and international delicacies.

This platform recognises the importance of public space and its invaluable role in community life.

Open Source CIC, in partnership with the Vortex Jazz Club, has the license for events on Gillett Square. The Gillett Square programme is managed by a Coordination and Planning group consisting of the London Borough of Hackney, Dalston Studios, Open Source CIC, Hackney Cooperative Developments CIC and the Vortex Jazz Club / Foundation.

Our role protecting their premises requires a security officer patrolling a multi-use building with a large number of permitted users.  Responsibilities include preventing trespassers, internal and external patrols and deterring theft and vandalism.


Because on the need for interactions with a large number of people our officer have received enhanced customer service and meet and greet training. 

We always  look forward to building our clientelle further and are adept at adjusting to the needs of our varied site locations and stakeholders.

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at www.aasecurity.co.uk

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £13.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £25 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £75.00 per calendar month Call out charge: £40 per half hour visit Evenings £50 per half hour visit Daytime £50 per half hour visit in response to panic alarm Hourly Charge: £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during evenings £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during anytime
Dog-handling £22 per hour
Locksmithing Rates vary according to complexity of work
Mobile patrol £25 per 1 hour Patrol
CB Radio hire £20 per week