Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry what’s the most memorable event AA security provided security for?

Mr Chowdhry: I wouldn’t say any of them are more memorable than any other we appreciate all our clients and each event has its own particular fascination. I think in particular the ones that I recall are probably the most recent Redbridge carnival 2013. Huge event 15,000 people brought up many issues regarding anti social behavior, trying to control the crowd we managed to do that quite effectively and have protected Redbridge carnival ever since it was initiated. To date Redbridge carnival is the only event in Redbridge never to have any serious incidents, so were quite please about that, that’s a real plus point in our recommendations from clients.  

Another fascinating event was definitely the British Pakistani Christian Association event that was in conjunction with church in need held in Westminster Cathedral. That event was a more somber occasion in which a small parade occurred in the square just before the cathedral and we had to also maintain order within the church. After the church decided to run an event focusing on humanitarian aid to Christians that are very much in need after targeted oppression. Again it went without a hitch and we were thanked gratefully for it so for us every event is so special and we do try to insure that we match the requirements of each and every client.



 By Wilson Chowhdry

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