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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: Our Measures For Security Guards

Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry how do you ensure that your guards are always on site

Mr Chowdhry: It all begins with our control center staff were very careful as a company because we understand that one of the most important things for our clients is punctuality, and the other factor is going to be that there duties undertaken on site whilst on duty are correctly and accurately carried out.  Our control center staff will ensure that shift rotas are given to officers as early as possible and that they are advised early enough for changes to be made should they be required to do so. Officers have a very strict disciplinary code that they understand this code ensures that any emergency changes are brought to our attention as soon as possible preventing any lapse in shift cover. We always have an emergency supply of officers meaning that any emergency changes are easily recruited for and this is done through our control center software. Which operates in real time and flags up existing emergency officers ready to cover shifts that may be missed. But more to the point as well that control center software most importantly acts as a record of an officer’s attendance. On duty they will call 15 minutes before their duty shift starts confirming they are on site. If they are late to do that a red warning flags up allowing us ample time to find out where they are and to than advise our clients.

Once they are on sight they are than required to call the control center every hour any missed calls are flagged up enabling our control center staff to check that they are still healthy that they are still safe and that they are still attending on the site by calling back on the site telephone number that will be listed within that control center package. Our package works in real time and our clients also have passcoded access to that service also meaning that if they wanted to they could confirm that the evidence that we provide is correct and accurate.


Continuing post security guard incidents.

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: A.A. Security Accreditation


Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry I’ve noticed you got a lot of accreditation's for the security company A.A. Security. So what does having so much accreditation’s mean for not only you but the security industry.


Wilson: Well for me personally I gain a sense of pride in the achievement of our company. I mean we’ve now been around for 20 years, which is a feat in its self. But I think you know for clients in particular when we were able to show them our lists of awards and accreditation's they recognise that were a company focused on quality.

I mean some of these are very hard to come by; we stand unique in the industry for several of our accreditation's.  I believe we are still the only company in the security sector to have the positive about disability logo and the accreditation and we were the first in the sector to attain it. Again with Investors In People Gold I’m definite we are the only security company to of achieved that. So what were saying to people is, that yes we invest in our people but we go beyond the norm and way beyond. The Gold award is very very hard to achieve. Previously we had the Investors In People leadership and management award while that still existed. So we’ve always had this strong focus just ensuring clients understood that our first thought and care was how the service impacts on them.

We’ve won community service awards, were one of the few companies that has a direct input into its local community. We allow use of our building for neighborhood watch meetings, we allow use of our building for the police to distribute crime prevention devices and our back academy has now become a community center we couldn’t have a stronger focus for people for the community.

As time proceeds we intend to continue with obtaining these particularly awards because it brings us in touch with other professionals those that really do care about how they operate and that’s the way we want to go forward.

So I hope that’s been interesting but feel free to ask me more questions in your musings around the office.

Thanks Dave


 By Wilson Chowhdry

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