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David: So Mr Chowdhry could you tell us about A.A. Securities focus on the environment.

Mr Chowdhry: Of course I’d love too, we are a very green conscious company. We believe that it’s the duty of every business to preserve the atmosphere the environment for future generations it’s the children that will suffer. I am now 40 and I have three children myself and I feel very responsible for there future.

Some of the things we’ve attained that prove our focus include BS EN 14001 one of the environmental accreditation's which is internationally recognized. We’ve one green awards by academics in Middlesex University through the Ecovate program I should say. We also won the yellow advertiser green award for our best business practices which include having the only solar panels for a small SME business in Redbridge we received the last grant from the than energy saving trust and were very pleased about that. We also bought a bicycle fleet for are employees to get about and motorcycles and we try to reduce paper waste by storing most of our data now electronically. Our computers and office equipment are to the highest degree and spec, and paper again has various logos and accreditation's such as renewable forests we got the swan logo on everything. We buy only paper from, that preserve renewable forests or that have been 100% recycled. What I would say is its an on going thing for us and we continue to monitor and adapt our processes to make sure were at the cusp of change when it comes too productivity related to sustainability.  



 By Wilson Chowhdry

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