Video Transcript (Sic) 

Hi my names Richard and I’ve come to talk to you today about home security products. That’s British Standard locks that you need to have in your household or accommodation. When I say British Standard I mean it’s a secure lock. These are some of the products that we have that we sell in our company, just a few, but just I want to show you quickly. This is what we call a mortice lock most people have got a mortice lock on their house. This is what people normally associate with a chubb lock, but this is a mortice five lever and as you can see there we have the British Standard kite mark  the BS mean British Standard and its 3621 that means its covered it would be covered by your insurance its an insurance approved lock. Which you need to consider if you go through the event of being burgled and you don’t have British Standard locks than your insurance company will say your insurance is invalid so you need to make sure that you have a British Standard lock. Yet again we have the same type of lock this is a sash lock a sash lock is the one with the handle and the mortice lock. Yet again you can see in the wrapping it’s a British Standard that’s the kite mark there. You got to be careful when buying that so make sure they have the kite marks.

We sell a wide range of locks this is an Ingersoll very good lock, very common if you want to buy a good secure lock that is a good one to have and as you can see across the range there is different quality of locks. I spoke to you earlier on one of the videos about having a antisnap euro profile. This is one that I opened earlier and basically that’s the antisnap euro cyclinder there. If its sticking out of your door if they’ve got this on than the burglar can only break this part of the lock of  maintaining this which means your door is still locked and they can’t open it.  We sell a wide range of these locks on the market. So as I said a tip to remember when buying a lock make sure its at British Standard 3621 and these are the locks that we sell in our company its insurance approved locks and these locks will be good to secure your accommodation. Thank you

If you would like to talk with one of our advisers on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.

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