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If You Had £1000 Would You Keep Your Door Open



In a perfect world security would be provided by good faith and words but reality shows sometimes security needs a more accountable presence.

What does that initial line mean?

It means it would be wonderful for us to be able to leave  £1000 on our front room table with the windows and doors open and know that the £1000 on our desk is safe simply because of mutual respect between us and our neighbours.
But this is not a perfect world!
In reality what we can say is that the world is perfectly imperfect!

Social imbalances mean that in times of desperation even the most respectable person may be driven to take something which does not belong to them. A factor that is beyond our reach in resolving.

So in the meantime security is something that we cannot take lightly!

It means if were walking through a crowded street which is known for pick pocketing abuse, that ladies should automatically put their handbags in front of them so they have a clear view of it, and men should move their wallets from their back pocket into their front pocket and push their hands deep into these pockets.

Does it mean that your suspecting the whole world of being criminals?

What this means is that you have enough sense to know that not everyone has the same morals as you and will, if given the opportunity, take advantage of any lapses in security. CCTV is good at catching criminals after the event but like the timeless saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'! If you have your iPhone swiped, local police may catch the criminal through use of CCTV but you may go a month with out having access to your phone and potentially no access to loved ones. For some this may be devastating while a few of us may find this a welcomed relief ;-), but the loss will hurt.

When online we are all told that we should regularly change our passwords and always log out of an account, but how many of us actually do that?
The only time we care is when were hit by things such as a friend telling us they received a very suspect email from us, or worse when we look into our bank accounts and find out where there should by a few hundred pounds all that's left is an overdraft facility that says minus £300 and our council tax is due tomorrow...

But in all seriousness safety and security is something we should not be lax with, as there may come a time when tragedy strikes - the choice is yours...

To find out more about the security services we provide such as; CCTV installation, Security officers and training, or to utilise our cleaning services please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or email us on info@aasecurity.co.uk

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Meet Ben Buckland one of our Close Protection officers

With Prime Ministers associates. 


An ex-British Army trained, Close Protection Specialist; experienced as Team Medic, Search Team Consultant and accredited Personal Protection Officer.

In addition, Ben has worked adhoc for railway security, in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa. In doing so, he saved the life of one lady from certain death. This was done by leaping onto the tracks and lifting her off, prior to the arrival of an express train. She was near unconscious and her neck was on the line, literally! 

Security Management qualified and fully aware of modern CP and mission-specific methods. Willing and prepared to react swiftly and courageously when confronted with adversity. 

Proven ability to put the ‘client’ first with the skills to assimilate to any given environment.

An individual with the adept ability to perceive danger, observe alternatives and steer away from it. If there is no exit route, he has the qualities to de-escalate and/or solve any given problem. Fantastic knowledge of world history and cultures, therefore bringing with him the ability to deal with people appropriately and professionally in all environments.

 Two marine biologist whom were under my care.


His most recent personal protection post was earlier this year. We assigned him to protect and organise two marine biologists visiting South Africa. Whist away from my protective care, they ended up in a perilous situation, it is believed that without my swift response and rescue, they would have perished.


Two marine biologist whom were under my care.

Live Firing

He has successfully completed many live firing exercises including`tin city' as part of anti-terrorist patrol training, as well as rural conventional warfare live firing training.  Ben has also trained with use of military and civilian vehicles which included live firing and ambush drills in anti-terrorist role etc. 

Throughout 12 years military service thousands of pounds sterling have been spent on such courses. 


Team Medics Course: Defibrillation, canalisation, crycothyroidoptomy, tracheotomy and casualty evacuation.

Tracking/Hunting,                                                          Counter Terrorist Course,

Military Swimming Test,                                     Snatch Vehicle Response Test,

Search Team Course, Fire Fighting Course,                    Unarmed Combat Course,

Close Protection Officers Course,                                Command Course,

Dynamic risk assessment,                                             Conflict resolution,

Route reconnaissance/planning,                                     Teaching and supervising others,

Giving orders for operations,                                         Multi Weapons Training,

100 Mile Endurance March,                                            Military Piping Course,

(Highland Bag-Pipes),                                                    Two short expeditions in Sahara Desert,

Anti Terrorist Operations,                                               Anti Poaching Unit Commander.

Solo climbed highest mountain in S/E Africa,                 SC Clearance with MOD

Public Order experienced.

Close Protection Officers Course with Task International (BTEC Level 3 Qualified).

Keep fit by running with fell running shoes, boots with rucksack and use local gym regularly.

Further specialist experience

 Mauser 9mm pistol - privately owned personal protection weapon (Certified to carry by the Chief Constable Of Northern Ireland)

9mm pistols

5.56mm and 7.56 rifles


Cross bow

General Purpose Machine Gun (light and SF role)

LAW 66 (Anti tank)

LAW 90 (Anti tank)



Scots Gaelic

Basic Arabic

Employment History

2002 – 2006

Ben’s Books


Successful proprietor of Ben's Books, which had an operation spanning Northern Ireland and the north of the Republic Of Ireland. Part of the business included a small coffee shop at the back of the bookshop, which provided an Elysium for customers.

1996 – 2002

British Military

Royal Irish Regiment/

Ulster Defence Regt CGC                                

Team Commander

Carried out counter terrorist operations in Northern Ireland.


March 1995 – March 1996


Platoon Commander (Anti-Poaching)

Tasked to reduce poaching, which Intel showed was the work of former guerillas from neighbouring Angola. Through anti poaching patrols and a hearts-and-minds approach (coupled with an arduous military response) we managed to eliminate the problem within 12 months.

When I returned 11 years later there was still no need for ‘anti-poachers’ due to the diligence and sophisticated methods followed during my time with the team.

1991 – 1995

1st Battalion Scots Guards

Combat Infantry Soldier.

Carried out public duties/protection for The British Royal Family.

Counter-terrorism operations in Northern Ireland. This also involved writing detailed reports and the collation of intelligence on enemy action, movements and the potential threat posed by such individuals.


The piper (Bag-Pipes) of the: Scots Guards Association, Ulster Defence Regt CGC Association, Combined Irish Regiments Association

 and The Rhodesian Light Infantry Association. 

Great Highland Bagpipes, theology, Arabic, hill walking, x-country, rock climbing, history (manager of history group), geography, anthropology, travelling, zoology.


Numerous (high profile) references available upon request.

Recently completed a two month secondment to an anti poaching unit in the

Republic Of Africa.

Our primary role was to protect the wild roaming rhino as well as a black rhino orphan in a boma.

The secondary role was to police the reserve to deter or capture poachers of other

wild animals.

His extended duty was to advise and revise current anti poaching tactics as well as formulate and implement further strategies.

One of his main drives was to implement intelligence gathering operations which heI often conducted with limited back up support. This as you might imagine was highly risky, but believed it was better implemented by a solo operative.

At the end of this albeit short tenure, he had gleaned useful information by conducting covert ops. Reduced poaching significantly and prevented any attempts against our rhino. While we successfully protected our

Rhinos, 18 were sadly killed within a 30k radios of our reserve.

We therefore proved that a combination of covert ops along side overt uniformed ops was the way forward.

Marine Conservation In South Africa.

At present he has been asked to take over the running of a conservation project and the business side. This was after working with them at the beginning of this year and proving he has the necessary attributes to run both operations.

The timings are flexible and the founder is most happy to facilitate other employment which he is asked to perform. Basically, the plan is for me to take over for 6mths at a time, pending his availability at any given moment. We have contingency plans if I am not available for the foreseeable future.


Basically, if your company feel that he will be an asset to your operations, he is willing to reduce any frontline conservation work to his holidays only periods.

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