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If You Had £1000 Would You Keep Your Door Open



In a perfect world security would be provided by good faith and words but reality shows sometimes security needs a more accountable presence.

What does that initial line mean?

It means it would be wonderful for us to be able to leave  £1000 on our front room table with the windows and doors open and know that the £1000 on our desk is safe simply because of mutual respect between us and our neighbours.
But this is not a perfect world!
In reality what we can say is that the world is perfectly imperfect!

Social imbalances mean that in times of desperation even the most respectable person may be driven to take something which does not belong to them. A factor that is beyond our reach in resolving.

So in the meantime security is something that we cannot take lightly!

It means if were walking through a crowded street which is known for pick pocketing abuse, that ladies should automatically put their handbags in front of them so they have a clear view of it, and men should move their wallets from their back pocket into their front pocket and push their hands deep into these pockets.

Does it mean that your suspecting the whole world of being criminals?

What this means is that you have enough sense to know that not everyone has the same morals as you and will, if given the opportunity, take advantage of any lapses in security. CCTV is good at catching criminals after the event but like the timeless saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'! If you have your iPhone swiped, local police may catch the criminal through use of CCTV but you may go a month with out having access to your phone and potentially no access to loved ones. For some this may be devastating while a few of us may find this a welcomed relief ;-), but the loss will hurt.

When online we are all told that we should regularly change our passwords and always log out of an account, but how many of us actually do that?
The only time we care is when were hit by things such as a friend telling us they received a very suspect email from us, or worse when we look into our bank accounts and find out where there should by a few hundred pounds all that's left is an overdraft facility that says minus £300 and our council tax is due tomorrow...

But in all seriousness safety and security is something we should not be lax with, as there may come a time when tragedy strikes - the choice is yours...

To find out more about the security services we provide such as; CCTV installation, Security officers and training, or to utilise our cleaning services please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or email us on info@aasecurity.co.uk

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Cleaning Away The Rain



Another rainy day in London know surprise there! but the warm smile from A.A.securities head cleaning manager James brings a warmth to a wet and cold Tuesday.

The construction site of Kier is what you expect of a typical well run construction site men and women with hard hats hard boots and some with harder facial expressions work efficiently in turning hollowed blocks of flats and brown earth into something that in a few months times will have children running around and there out of breath parents running even faster after them as they chase them into the park.

I follow James and his team into a block without an escalator and so I have to walk up 6 flights of dusty floors each of our steps echoing around the premises. As I reach the 6th landing expecting to see more of the grub and dirt in the actual flats I'm pleasantly surprised to see empty rooms with sparkly white walls and grey floors.

On entry James quickly tells the rest of the team "we need to have this whole floor finished by the end of today they have given us two days but we will have it done today!"

A few team members have a wide eyed look as they listen to this but this is soon broken into laughter as they talk on the days events and there plans for later. Within a moment all five of them are each working tirelessly in creating rooms that look almost habitual aside from the missing furniture and missing bath panels.


I quickly find myself being in their way and so decide to make an exit before one of them trips over my idle feet.

Though the weather is cold and rainy and the building is dusty landing 6 is a spot of sunshine in the rising behemoth.

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Cleaning Services



Recently I've been giving thoughts as to how I can help improve your business. Sounds crazy right but please give me a minute.

Just last week, I read a book that talked on the reasons for many businesses failing or would-be-entrepreneurs unable to get into second gear simply because they are too busy stuck doing unimportant tasks, instead of pursing tasks that require deeper thought, but can lead to larger gains. Now this book expanded on the subject explaining that a further problem is many of these businesses/ entrepreneurs will not delegate these simple tasks to someone else, as they want to save money. However inevitably it was proven that in the long run they became bogged down with non-life-changing tasks. The book went further on to say, that some of the simple things we can do to free up more of our time, enabling us to work on the life changing tasks, is offsetting tasks like cleaning.

Sounds silly right but think about how much time cleaning can really take. Moreover it must be done. Let's say cleaning takes 10 hours a week at 2 hours each day. Just imagine the things yourself or your staff will be able to complete with those extra 10 hours!

1 Week Free Cleaning

Well this is where we come in with helping to improve your business, as we have VERY competent staff experienced in both commercial and domestic cleaning. So competent by the way, that they win new contracts for us. In fact we are so sure that you will love the service of our cleaners, that when you hire the services of our cleaners before the 28th February, we will give you one weeks worth of free cleaning and 10% of for the first 3 months.

So delegate uninspiring cleaning jobs to us, we love them!

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