A Battle Of Wills!

In Martial Arts it's often taught that if possible, walk away from a violent confrontation rather than walk into it. Fighting is a last resort. Obviously some of the shoppers who took part in Black Friday were unfamiliar to this philosophy, because as soon as the store doors were opened they instantly threw elbows, knees and a few low blows on their fellow man.  With a ferociousness that would have given a Legend like Bruce Lee something to think about, before he dispersed the crowd using his prized one inch punch

Wilson Chowdhry Director of A.A. Security, reflects on what went wrong during the Black Friday mortal combat melee.

"The primary concern was the lack of security in these stalls. Competent uniformed officers trained in dynamic risk assessment, customer service and of course conflict management should have been there in numbers. This would allow people with concerns to take them up with visible uniformed personnel rather than getting themselves into personal arguments through frustration that un-policed, culminate in violence."

He added;

"An accurate risk assessment should have been carried out prior to the sale. This should have taken into account, local demographics, numbers of potential customers, safe maximum customer intake, numbers of staff required, emergency procedures, crowd management procedures and previous history."

He further added;

"Too often profit is placed before safety and Britain's reputation has taken a battering as a consequence. Moreover, many retail companies simply do not have the expertise to produce an adequate method statement and this is where companies such as A. A. Security Ltd, with our long history should be approached for guidance and a more professional approach."

We hope the events of Friday that were broadcast globally, will be a trigger for a more measured approach in future.


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