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A London Locksmith: Safety tips for home

Hi my name is Richard and I’m here today to talk to you today about some home security tips things that you need to consider if your going out of your house and sometimes your in a rush.

So I want to talk to you about three things first thing I want to say is if your leaving your house in the day and your going to be out all evening and your coming back late or you might be going away. First simple method that you should do is keep a light on. My bathroom light is on 24/7 and it leads out to the front street it just makes people think you’re in when you are out. Simple tip it gives the burglar second thoughts of entering your accommodation or flat because they think somebody might well be in. Tip number two you have to remember too lock your door, simple lots of people have these mechanisms where you pull up the handle and lock the door a lot of the times you rush out and you leave the door open that is so easy for a burglar to come in. So that’s Tip number make sure your new PVC door is locked handle up and turned and the last tip is give a neighbor or a friend, somebody a spare key as a lot of the time you’ve forgotten the key you’ve lost your key and to prevent you spending ex amount of monies £100’s calling out a locksmith because your locked out it would really be a good idea if you give somebody that you trust a key so therefore when you do get locked out you can just go and get your key and than gain access.

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A London Locksmith: Types of locks "Euro profile lock"




 Video Transcript (Sic)

Hi my names Richard and I’m a locksmith and I’ve come to talk to you about home security come to talk to you about how to secure your accommodation [ Where you're living]. Here we have a euro profile mortice lock now this lock has been incorrectly fitted because as you can see this profile is sticking out about 10 mm outside of the door. So what happens if a burglar comes along and they know how to gain access through these locks, here [this is] what they do they actually break this part of the lock off and than gain access, its quite easy. Now what you could do to prevent that if you had no option but to put this lock onand it was protruding out, you could [attach] a high security lock - a antisnap lock. Which means its very hard to break off very hard to drill open and its quite hard to drill [at all].

I mean hard for the burglar but a locksmith has his techniques and ways of gaining it. So that’s a tip that you need to consider is when your fitting these euro profile’s make sure there not sticking out too far. If you’ve called a locksmith and he’s come to change your lock ask him if you can have one that’s flush with the door, because if its not flush your making yourself vulnerable to burglary.

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A London Locksmith "Staying safe at home"




Video Transcript

Hi my name is Richard and I'm going to be talking to you about some home owner tips on how to keep your house, your flat and your accommodation secure. Ok so what you and I have in common is the fact that we all have locks on our house and there are different types of locks for all types of houses and for all different types of doors. Generally we want to make sure our houses and our flats are secure so we should really be thinking about choosing a good security lock. There are different brands and many different levels of security. So I'm going to show you this lock here, this lock here is an Era lock, what we call [in the industry] a night latch. Here is a different type of lock were it has an anti slip mechanism which actually makes this night latch a locking door. So the main thing is once this part of the lock is fitted correctly and once this button is depressed you cannot open the door from the outside, which is a nightmare for burglars because normally they will try to get through the shut of the door [Join of lock] and they'll push that latch back and open the door, but this lock here doesn't allow that to happen if it's fitted correctly. If it's not fitted correctly, than this [points to locking cylinder] will go in and than they can gain access to it. So this is a good secure lock. It's not British standard even though it's a good lock. a British standard one would be a little bigger and would be harder to kick off. So saying that there are pro's and cons on what you could buy, this property has bought a good lock but what they have forgotten is that this door can easily be opened from the letterbox. So if I was a burglar I would basically come through that letterbox open that latch and I'm in so your anti slip really doesn't make any sense.

If you would like to talk with one of our advisors on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.


New Blog post for staying safe at home. Types of Locks "Euro Profile Lock"

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