Hi my name is Richard and I’m here today to talk to you today about some home security tips things that you need to consider if your going out of your house and sometimes your in a rush.

So I want to talk to you about three things first thing I want to say is if your leaving your house in the day and your going to be out all evening and your coming back late or you might be going away. First simple method that you should do is keep a light on. My bathroom light is on 24/7 and it leads out to the front street it just makes people think you’re in when you are out. Simple tip it gives the burglar second thoughts of entering your accommodation or flat because they think somebody might well be in. Tip number two you have to remember too lock your door, simple lots of people have these mechanisms where you pull up the handle and lock the door a lot of the times you rush out and you leave the door open that is so easy for a burglar to come in. So that’s Tip number make sure your new PVC door is locked handle up and turned and the last tip is give a neighbor or a friend, somebody a spare key as a lot of the time you’ve forgotten the key you’ve lost your key and to prevent you spending ex amount of monies £100’s calling out a locksmith because your locked out it would really be a good idea if you give somebody that you trust a key so therefore when you do get locked out you can just go and get your key and than gain access.

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