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If You Had £1000 Would You Keep Your Door Open



In a perfect world security would be provided by good faith and words but reality shows sometimes security needs a more accountable presence.

What does that initial line mean?

It means it would be wonderful for us to be able to leave  £1000 on our front room table with the windows and doors open and know that the £1000 on our desk is safe simply because of mutual respect between us and our neighbours.
But this is not a perfect world!
In reality what we can say is that the world is perfectly imperfect!

Social imbalances mean that in times of desperation even the most respectable person may be driven to take something which does not belong to them. A factor that is beyond our reach in resolving.

So in the meantime security is something that we cannot take lightly!

It means if were walking through a crowded street which is known for pick pocketing abuse, that ladies should automatically put their handbags in front of them so they have a clear view of it, and men should move their wallets from their back pocket into their front pocket and push their hands deep into these pockets.

Does it mean that your suspecting the whole world of being criminals?

What this means is that you have enough sense to know that not everyone has the same morals as you and will, if given the opportunity, take advantage of any lapses in security. CCTV is good at catching criminals after the event but like the timeless saying goes 'prevention is better than cure'! If you have your iPhone swiped, local police may catch the criminal through use of CCTV but you may go a month with out having access to your phone and potentially no access to loved ones. For some this may be devastating while a few of us may find this a welcomed relief ;-), but the loss will hurt.

When online we are all told that we should regularly change our passwords and always log out of an account, but how many of us actually do that?
The only time we care is when were hit by things such as a friend telling us they received a very suspect email from us, or worse when we look into our bank accounts and find out where there should by a few hundred pounds all that's left is an overdraft facility that says minus £300 and our council tax is due tomorrow...

But in all seriousness safety and security is something we should not be lax with, as there may come a time when tragedy strikes - the choice is yours...

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CCTV And Dumbbells



A conversation with an employee provided us with stronger reasons for the benefits of having CCTV


Recently I was at the gym and was slugging away at the punching bag, readying myself for the day's pressures. I noticed in a corner, and barely detectable, a small circular camera.  My initial reaction was to train harder so anyone watching would be amazed by my gym abilities! But this feeling wore off as I pondered just why my personal space was being invaded.


When I got downstairs I made a joke with the manager about peeping-Toms among his staff members and he explained that gym equipment and members' personal belongings like mobile phones had been stolen recently. To prevent this they decided to put in CCTV! Since installing CCTV guess how many items have been taken? None absolutely zero.


The human psyche is interesting.  Some unscrupulous individuals, believing they are clear of the watchful eye, will use any opportunity to break the law.  Lack of security protocols allows such individuals to plan or act instinctively without restriction. Don't believe me just look at the difference between children at play when a parent/guardian is in attendance and compare that to when unsupervised. Somehow the children will end up on the top shelf of your book cupboard! moreover they will proclaim their innocence! And for some of these children the transition to adulthood results in no perceived difference.


So ultimately the uncompromising gaze of CCTV helps greatly in keeping the misbehaving inner child from breaking free and taking or destroying stuff, that will cost you greatly in the long run.


If you would like us to install a watchful eye alternatively known as CCTV you can contact us on info@aasecurity.co.uk or give us a phone call on 0208 514 0861

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CCTV is like your BFF (Best Friend)



CCTV is the equivalent of a best friend.

Now reading this you may be asking yourself why and how come.

So lets give you a scenario, you're out with your friends and you spot your significant other's best friend, now while you exchange mutual pleasantries you go about the rest of the night enjoying yourself. However your partners best friend quietly and silently is observing all of your antics they watch as you swing your top over your head after one drink too many and they watch with narrowed eyes as you talk with 'long black hair' for a little longer than needs be. The next morning when you wake up with a throbbing headache you also wake up to a complete account of your night's events in extreme detail and how the couch will now be your home for the next few nights.  All courtesy of your partner's best friend.

CCTV is the ultimate best friend. When people notice CCTV many will refrain from making a nuisance of themselves but there are those few who will see the CCTV and later on in the day or night will forget all about it's presence, but CCTV will not forget them. It quietly records all that Mr or Ms Nuisance is getting up to. The thing with CCTV is that it works tirelessly 24/7 and has the added benefits of night vision and recordings that can easily be accessed. Mr or Ms Nuisance will soon find themselves having to face Mr Judge.

For all CCTV enquires please contact us here.

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Is Black Friday as brutal as MMA?

 A Battle Of Wills!

In Martial Arts it's often taught that if possible, walk away from a violent confrontation rather than walk into it. Fighting is a last resort. Obviously some of the shoppers who took part in Black Friday were unfamiliar to this philosophy, because as soon as the store doors were opened they instantly threw elbows, knees and a few low blows on their fellow man.  With a ferociousness that would have given a Legend like Bruce Lee something to think about, before he dispersed the crowd using his prized one inch punch

Wilson Chowdhry Director of A.A. Security, reflects on what went wrong during the Black Friday mortal combat melee.

"The primary concern was the lack of security in these stalls. Competent uniformed officers trained in dynamic risk assessment, customer service and of course conflict management should have been there in numbers. This would allow people with concerns to take them up with visible uniformed personnel rather than getting themselves into personal arguments through frustration that un-policed, culminate in violence."

He added;

"An accurate risk assessment should have been carried out prior to the sale. This should have taken into account, local demographics, numbers of potential customers, safe maximum customer intake, numbers of staff required, emergency procedures, crowd management procedures and previous history."

He further added;

"Too often profit is placed before safety and Britain's reputation has taken a battering as a consequence. Moreover, many retail companies simply do not have the expertise to produce an adequate method statement and this is where companies such as A. A. Security Ltd, with our long history should be approached for guidance and a more professional approach."

We hope the events of Friday that were broadcast globally, will be a trigger for a more measured approach in future.


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Wilson's Way: Security guard incidents


Continuation from "Our Measures for security guards."


Video Transcript (Sic)


David: so you seem to have very strong measures in regards too knowing the whereabouts of your security guards what's the reason for that

Wilson: Many years ago when we first started the company this is 20 years ago now we use to have issues with officers lacking an understanding off the need for punctuality and also often they would skive of site and we would catch them in the act during our site visit. Obviously this is many years down the line obviously now 20 years later over that period we have organically proved our mechanisms introduced electronic software ensuring we have supervisors to prevent such lapses happening. 

In a worse case scenario that I remember, I remember we assigned an officer to a construction site in Luton and the officer kept ringing up confirming with our control center manager of the time he was on site. But when the supervisor visited we couldn't gain access to the gate we kept calling him and saying why are you not opening the gate unfortunately the client didn't provide a landline telephone number so we couldn't check his whereabouts we could only call his mobile to confirm he was on site and he kept telling us he was in the toilets when he actually lived quite local to the site. He was disappearing home we found that, our supervisor just kept on channeling around the site trying to look for him and we saw him drive back and sneak over the fence. Which we took pictures of. It was a real moment of realisation for us that the system had to be a bit more effective. 

That's when we started investigating the potential for electronic systems to prevent such recurrences and we invested heavily we originally bought something by a company called Mytech which was quite useless because it kept crashing unfortunately. We now have this new system which works in real time its backed up by independent server we subscribe too the company that are providing this for us. We are one of the very few companies in the country that are now able to allow access to that particular service too our clients for passcoded access to that software program. More to the point as well the software allows us to monitor security officers patrol in real time too because it has an electronic time clock device which has an electronic type tagging system ensuring we know exactly where the officer is patrolling when's he's undertaken those patrols and are alerted to any missed patrols or missed check calls able to protect the officer ensuring his safety is paramount. Ensuring that his duties are carried out properly, but also although its not so important nowadays because we know guards that are really compliment because of the software it enables us to know that the officer is based on site. 

But I must add we haven't had an incident of an officer not being on sight when he's reported to be since maybe 19 years.

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A London Locksmith "Staying safe at home"




Video Transcript

Hi my name is Richard and I'm going to be talking to you about some home owner tips on how to keep your house, your flat and your accommodation secure. Ok so what you and I have in common is the fact that we all have locks on our house and there are different types of locks for all types of houses and for all different types of doors. Generally we want to make sure our houses and our flats are secure so we should really be thinking about choosing a good security lock. There are different brands and many different levels of security. So I'm going to show you this lock here, this lock here is an Era lock, what we call [in the industry] a night latch. Here is a different type of lock were it has an anti slip mechanism which actually makes this night latch a locking door. So the main thing is once this part of the lock is fitted correctly and once this button is depressed you cannot open the door from the outside, which is a nightmare for burglars because normally they will try to get through the shut of the door [Join of lock] and they'll push that latch back and open the door, but this lock here doesn't allow that to happen if it's fitted correctly. If it's not fitted correctly, than this [points to locking cylinder] will go in and than they can gain access to it. So this is a good secure lock. It's not British standard even though it's a good lock. a British standard one would be a little bigger and would be harder to kick off. So saying that there are pro's and cons on what you could buy, this property has bought a good lock but what they have forgotten is that this door can easily be opened from the letterbox. So if I was a burglar I would basically come through that letterbox open that latch and I'm in so your anti slip really doesn't make any sense.

If you would like to talk with one of our advisors on keeping your home or commercial business secure please contact us on 0208 514 0861 or alternatively you can contact us by email.


New Blog post for staying safe at home. Types of Locks "Euro Profile Lock"

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: Our Measures For Security Guards

Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry how do you ensure that your guards are always on site

Mr Chowdhry: It all begins with our control center staff were very careful as a company because we understand that one of the most important things for our clients is punctuality, and the other factor is going to be that there duties undertaken on site whilst on duty are correctly and accurately carried out.  Our control center staff will ensure that shift rotas are given to officers as early as possible and that they are advised early enough for changes to be made should they be required to do so. Officers have a very strict disciplinary code that they understand this code ensures that any emergency changes are brought to our attention as soon as possible preventing any lapse in shift cover. We always have an emergency supply of officers meaning that any emergency changes are easily recruited for and this is done through our control center software. Which operates in real time and flags up existing emergency officers ready to cover shifts that may be missed. But more to the point as well that control center software most importantly acts as a record of an officer’s attendance. On duty they will call 15 minutes before their duty shift starts confirming they are on site. If they are late to do that a red warning flags up allowing us ample time to find out where they are and to than advise our clients.

Once they are on sight they are than required to call the control center every hour any missed calls are flagged up enabling our control center staff to check that they are still healthy that they are still safe and that they are still attending on the site by calling back on the site telephone number that will be listed within that control center package. Our package works in real time and our clients also have passcoded access to that service also meaning that if they wanted to they could confirm that the evidence that we provide is correct and accurate.


Continuing post security guard incidents.

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: Memorable Security events



Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry what’s the most memorable event AA security provided security for?

Mr Chowdhry: I wouldn’t say any of them are more memorable than any other we appreciate all our clients and each event has its own particular fascination. I think in particular the ones that I recall are probably the most recent Redbridge carnival 2013. Huge event 15,000 people brought up many issues regarding anti social behavior, trying to control the crowd we managed to do that quite effectively and have protected Redbridge carnival ever since it was initiated. To date Redbridge carnival is the only event in Redbridge never to have any serious incidents, so were quite please about that, that’s a real plus point in our recommendations from clients.  

Another fascinating event was definitely the British Pakistani Christian Association event that was in conjunction with church in need held in Westminster Cathedral. That event was a more somber occasion in which a small parade occurred in the square just before the cathedral and we had to also maintain order within the church. After the church decided to run an event focusing on humanitarian aid to Christians that are very much in need after targeted oppression. Again it went without a hitch and we were thanked gratefully for it so for us every event is so special and we do try to insure that we match the requirements of each and every client.



 By Wilson Chowhdry

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More Than Security: Wilson's Way: A.A. Security Accreditation


Video Transcript (Sic)

David: So Mr Chowdhry I’ve noticed you got a lot of accreditation's for the security company A.A. Security. So what does having so much accreditation’s mean for not only you but the security industry.


Wilson: Well for me personally I gain a sense of pride in the achievement of our company. I mean we’ve now been around for 20 years, which is a feat in its self. But I think you know for clients in particular when we were able to show them our lists of awards and accreditation's they recognise that were a company focused on quality.

I mean some of these are very hard to come by; we stand unique in the industry for several of our accreditation's.  I believe we are still the only company in the security sector to have the positive about disability logo and the accreditation and we were the first in the sector to attain it. Again with Investors In People Gold I’m definite we are the only security company to of achieved that. So what were saying to people is, that yes we invest in our people but we go beyond the norm and way beyond. The Gold award is very very hard to achieve. Previously we had the Investors In People leadership and management award while that still existed. So we’ve always had this strong focus just ensuring clients understood that our first thought and care was how the service impacts on them.

We’ve won community service awards, were one of the few companies that has a direct input into its local community. We allow use of our building for neighborhood watch meetings, we allow use of our building for the police to distribute crime prevention devices and our back academy has now become a community center we couldn’t have a stronger focus for people for the community.

As time proceeds we intend to continue with obtaining these particularly awards because it brings us in touch with other professionals those that really do care about how they operate and that’s the way we want to go forward.

So I hope that’s been interesting but feel free to ask me more questions in your musings around the office.

Thanks Dave


 By Wilson Chowhdry

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