With less then 24 hours till an important peace vigil in Ilford A.A. Security Ltd were asked to produce a security and risk survey and then to protect the event.  


Ilford has been subjected to several police raids as part of the London Bridge terrorist attacks with several suspects arrested. Local religious and community groups organised this vigil in collaboration, to remember the innocent lives lost and condemn the brutal attacks. It is their hope that the solidarity shown will be a beacon of hope to all and a chance to restore peace and local morale.

A large leaflet drop of 5000 flyers promoting the event were distributed in areas where terror suspects were arrested in police raids following the terrible London Bridge attack.  Moreover the event was held only days after a retaliatory attack on Muslims who had completed prayers at a mosque in Finsbury park.

As part of the security plan A.A. Security ensured that police and other statutory services were notified of the gathering. This included redbridge licensing team and the CCTV central office.

 Not knowing what type of reception an event like this would have it was agreed that we would use our close protection services for the key religious figures involved in the event.  Four visible security officers were also involved in protecting the event by way of controlling access to the town hall steps and ensuring that visitors were mustered into areas that were agreed and provided reassurance to participants at the rear of the event and a community interface.

The event was held without any untoward incidents and has been hailed as a success by the Council and other bodies.

Now we at A. A. Security feel we can say we have contributed to the wider safety and security of the people of London and wider in the UK. 

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We were just grateful to be a part of a campaign that means so much to all of us. More pictures at the end of this article...

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