The UK's secret service the MI5 raised the terrorist threat to Britain from "substantial" to "severe."  The increased threat level means that an extremist attack is now highly likely to occur here in our own country.  The 7/7 Bombings and the awful attack on Lee Rigby are examples of the type of threat we now face on our Island.  Learn more of the raised threat level (here)

In the wake of 9/11 A.A. Security worked with the UK Police force to train all our officers in counter terrorism, under "Project Griffin" an police operation that explained tell-tale signs of terrorism, reporting mechanisms and established a network of partner agencies including a few conscientious security companies who chose to fund the training of their workforces.   A later programme "Project Argent" ensured a more comprehensive and in-depth training was provided to managers for organisations within the original programme.

In 2012 our commitment to Project Griffin paid great dividend, as two of our eight deployed security officers at the North Luffenham Barracks, based near Leicester caught two perpetrators acting suspiciously around the perimeter of the military site.  Effective use of CCTV evidence, immediate reporting to military police and eye witness accounts led to the arrest, detainment and eventual prosecution of two terrorists.  So there you have it!  A.A. Security is protecting the realm.

The heightened terrorist threat in the UK is in response to extremist Islamic ideology that has permeated some parts of our society.  Our Director Wilson Chowdhry - Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association has been working on a number of projects promoting interfaith harmony.  In the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby, he held a televised Peace Memorial concert for the slain military drummer.  The ITV feature can be viewed here:

Our offices were also used as a location for a series of interfaith harmony meetings with local faith leaders, and for art workshops for children that led to the creation of a Lee Rigby Memorial painting:

Our focus on community safety and security, evidences our commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.  Moreover, it proves that A.A. Security has a stake in national security!

For more details of our work at the North Luffenham Barracks (click here)