In 2006, our Managing Director Wilson Chowdhry, was asked to provide a quote for the newly formed industry regulator's Annual Report 2006/2007.

Not only was Mr Chowdhry's quote the only quote from an ethnic minority individual it was the longest and hence spilt over two pages (p26 -p27).

We have reproduced the quote in some photographs for you in this blog post but you can read the full quote in the context of the whole report, using this government link (here) to a PDF of the report.

We were a pioneering company then and now 26 years later we are now an accomplished company.

We have a wide range of services that could benefit your business and include a schedule of rates below this post. You can also learn more at

Security Service Provided Pricing schedule
Static Security all fields From £13.00 per hour
Ad-hoc Emergency Security cover £25 per hour
Key holding Monthly charge: £75.00 per calendar month Call out charge: £40 per half hour visit Evenings £50 per half hour visit Daytime £50 per half hour visit in response to panic alarm Hourly Charge: £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during evenings £20 per hour for anytime over the initial ½ visit during anytime
Dog-handling £22 per hour
Locksmithing Rates vary according to complexity of work
Mobile patrol £25 per 1 hour Patrol
CB Radio hire £20 per week