Continuation from "Our Measures for security guards."


Video Transcript (Sic)


David: so you seem to have very strong measures in regards too knowing the whereabouts of your security guards what's the reason for that

Wilson: Many years ago when we first started the company this is 20 years ago now we use to have issues with officers lacking an understanding off the need for punctuality and also often they would skive of site and we would catch them in the act during our site visit. Obviously this is many years down the line obviously now 20 years later over that period we have organically proved our mechanisms introduced electronic software ensuring we have supervisors to prevent such lapses happening. 

In a worse case scenario that I remember, I remember we assigned an officer to a construction site in Luton and the officer kept ringing up confirming with our control center manager of the time he was on site. But when the supervisor visited we couldn't gain access to the gate we kept calling him and saying why are you not opening the gate unfortunately the client didn't provide a landline telephone number so we couldn't check his whereabouts we could only call his mobile to confirm he was on site and he kept telling us he was in the toilets when he actually lived quite local to the site. He was disappearing home we found that, our supervisor just kept on channeling around the site trying to look for him and we saw him drive back and sneak over the fence. Which we took pictures of. It was a real moment of realisation for us that the system had to be a bit more effective. 

That's when we started investigating the potential for electronic systems to prevent such recurrences and we invested heavily we originally bought something by a company called Mytech which was quite useless because it kept crashing unfortunately. We now have this new system which works in real time its backed up by independent server we subscribe too the company that are providing this for us. We are one of the very few companies in the country that are now able to allow access to that particular service too our clients for passcoded access to that software program. More to the point as well the software allows us to monitor security officers patrol in real time too because it has an electronic time clock device which has an electronic type tagging system ensuring we know exactly where the officer is patrolling when's he's undertaken those patrols and are alerted to any missed patrols or missed check calls able to protect the officer ensuring his safety is paramount. Ensuring that his duties are carried out properly, but also although its not so important nowadays because we know guards that are really compliment because of the software it enables us to know that the officer is based on site. 

But I must add we haven't had an incident of an officer not being on sight when he's reported to be since maybe 19 years.