Library security required to patrol library (Full time) during extended Summer periods and permanently during out of hours period.  Duties included switching off all amenities at close, checking for trapped persons and ensuring that whole site is exited before exit.  Reporting of any equipment malfunction or premises damage and contact of out of hours service repairs if necessary.

Desk clearance has become a role of the officers after which books are fed into the automatic book sorter ready for shelving the following morning. 

Lost property must be reported and filed away in secured labelled bags within an hour of find or receipt.  Computers left behind go to special storage at main reception desk for 24 hour access.

Minimise theft by visible patrols of an hourly frequency and security responsible for ensuring 1 hour limit is adhered to at private study areas during busy periods.

Ad hoc services are a regular feature at the site for internal security absences including gate-keeping, reception security, student accommodation welfare security and event security.  Overnight security for protection of graduation canopies has been a regular feature of the site.

Officers have been required to hold a good competency with computers for many of the administrative tasks and have received extra training in equality and diversity and customer service, to enhance overall service provision.